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Jeson Power Motorcycle Engines

Advance Technology 220cc Euro-2 Engines for Auto Rickshaw by JESON POWER

-Advertisement published on page#14, April-2016 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine
by Khwaja Salman

jeson power

Jeson Power: Low temperature engines, best for Auto Rickshaw & Tri-Cycles

Jeson Power Snow Leopard / Gusting Leopard  Low temperature engines, best for Auto Rickshaw & Tri-Cycles Chongqing Jeson Power Machinery Co., Ltd., Bishan County, Chongqing China. E-mail: -Advertis...
by Salman Saif


min li zhi

Jeson Power is striving for the goal of “First-class Team, First-class Management and First-class Culture”

Exclusive Interview with Mr. Min Li Zhi, Chief Executive Officer, Chongqing Jeson Power Machinery Co., Ltd. Mr. Min Li Zhi is an experienced personality in Motorcycle & Engine production business in China. He joined motorcy...
by Suhail Nasir

derek min

We are the Engine Manufacturing Experts, An Interview with Mr. Derek Min, General Manager, Chongqing Jeson Power Machinery Co., Ltd.

Mr. Derek Min studied at University of Birmingham, UK, from year 2008-2012 and got the Degree as Master of Engineering. His major field was Mechanical Engineering with Automotive. Then he joined a Company M/s: Changan Ford Auto...
by Suhail Nasir


Jeson power Yang Yibeng

Jeson Power Engines significantly bigger than others

An Interview with Mr. Yang Yibeng, Senior Most Engineer, Chongqing Jeson Power Machinery As stated by Mr. Derek Min that they have very experienced engineers’ team from the day first in Chongqing Jeson Power Machinery Co....
by Suhail Nasir


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