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Dealers visit IIL state of art production facility

A visit of GI North Dealers was organized by International Industries Limited in Karachi from November 30th to December 1st 2012. The Convention was attended by leading GI Pipe Dealers in Northern Region of Pakistan, who visite...
by Admin


Automotive Exhibition Culture

AUTMEX is the first exhibition being held in new calendar year. This is also Pakistan’s first major international automobile exhibition, which will showcase the tremendous progress the domestic automobile and motorbike in...
by Nasir Mahmood


New customs valuation for Tyres & Tubes

The Directorate General Customs Valuation has issued new determination of customs values of Tyres & Tubes under section 25-A of the customs act, 1969. This Valuation Ruling supersedes Valuation Ruling No. 659/2014 dated 29-...
by Salman Saif



Pakistan Standard Specifications for Truck Chassis (Part-1)

The increasing transport requirements both for passengers and goods give rise to serious questions of road safety and environmental security which are since a challenge for traffic policy makers, transport corporations includin...
by Staff Correspondent

PBC sing Mou with SMILE

PBC Signs Mou with SMILE

We have heard a theory kind of thing, Synergy effect in other words, one plus one is eleven. To initiate such idea in motorcycling of Pakistan, two best have come together to give best of the best to the riders. A joint effort ...
by Zahid Malik



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