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RTF CTF 2014 – RUBBER, TIRE & WHEEL FAIR – Great Gathering for the chains of Rubber Tire Industry

ingdao warmly welcomed to attend 11th China International Tyre and Rubber Technology Exhibition jointly organized by People’s Government of Shandong Province and Shandong Rubber Trade Association in Qingdao International ...
by Suhail Nasir

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Nokian Line Summer Tyre is suitable for UAE & Pakistan market

MOBILE WORLD: How was your experience about this tyre fair? Pekka Oey: We have first time participated in this Rubber Tyre & Wheel Fair. Our office is located in Shanghai, we have established our company namely Nokian Tyres...
by Suhail Nasir



China International Tire and Wheel Fair

Date: 9-11 April 2014 , Venue: Qingdao International Convention Center, China China International Tire and Wheel Fair (thereafter called CTF) have been successively held for 10 sessions since 2004. For the past 10 years, partic...
by Staff Correspondent

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Organizer: The Shandong Rubber Trade Association

The Shandong Rubber Trade Association, founded in Dec.1999, is a registered social corporation of the Department of Civil Affairs of Shandong, which is growing fast with the rapid development of Shandong rubber industry. The as...
by Suhail Nasir



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