December 28, 2017

Road Sense for Road Safety

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Written by: Staff Correspondent
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ver twelve thousand deaths and almost four times more critically injured every year is the most alarming figure which needs everyone’s concentrated efforts to save lives on the roads. In this connection SMILE of Lahore in coordination with other stakeholders conducted three one day trainings (Road Sense for Road Safety) at Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad for chauffeurs of a well reputed car rental company.

Basic theme of this training was towards defensive driving with subjects like safe riding, road markings & traffic signs covered in detail. Participants were explained the procedures for right of way, caring for other road users and importance of religiously obeying traffic rules.








Mr. Asif Khawaja of SMILE was the organizer and keynote speaker; he was joined by AHL team at Karachi, CTO officer at Lahore and Engr Agha at Islamabad. By use of videos and explaining through multimedia presentation the interest of participants was kept alive throughout. Special subject of caring for Pakistan and working for preparing better Pakistan for next generations was appreciated by all.

Present licensing system and legal requirement of having the correct license was emphasized amongst participants. Other subjects including human body limitation, stopping distance, driving under different conditions etc. were discussed in detail.

These training and general awareness seminars on similar topics are regularly organized for various caring clients and stakeholders throughout the year in different cities of Pakistan. Fire awareness training series for different types of fire are also been offered regularly. From 2018 (at Karachi) the use of simulators for assessment and skill development of HTV, LTV and car drivers is also being introduced.

-Published on page#47, December-2017 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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