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February 28, 2017

GTR launches Motorcycle tubeless tyre

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Written by: Khwaja Salman
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Pakistan’s largest and most advance tyre manufacturer, The General Tyre & Rubber Company of Pakistan Limited (GTR) has achieved yet another milestone and has become the first tyre company in the history of Pakistan. It has manufactured 70cc motorcycle tubeless tyre for the local market.

The introduction of tubeless tyres will provide ease & peace of mind to motorcyclists who are the victim of sudden puncture thus cannot continue with the flat tyre specially when riding with their beloved ones. It will also betimesaving for the commercial users for their timely deliveries.

The tyre has a special compound in it and the bead area is strong enough to retain air inside the tyre for a longer period.Thus at the time of puncture the air will not leak as experienced in tube type and tyre will not deflate immediately.

The Company offers these tyres inform of sets (front & rear) mounted with engraved logo of GTR alloy rims across the country at very attractive price.

-Published on page#15, February-2017 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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