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May 28, 2016

Oditer Motorcycle Parts (Pvt) Ltd., launches ODIKING Professional Chain Kit

The Odiking is 3rd brand by Unibear Holding Group introduced in for Chain Sprocket business for Pakistan Market. The ceremony was held in Lahore PC Crystal Ball Room on May 5, 2016. All the management of Oditer Motorcycle Parts Pakistan was present there.

Mr. Clive Cao, President of Unibear Holding Group was the Chief Guest of the ceremony. In his keynote address he said that it has been a year and four months since the opening of Oditer during which time we had a lot of shortcomings, such as the upgrading of product quality delivery development of new products, service advertising promotion, promotion of the repair shop, protection and elimination of the agent, outstanding agents welfare system which slow the sales of motorcycle accessories of Oditer. I would like to offer the sincerest apology for everyone on behalf of Oditer.

Odiking launchingMr. Clive Cao, President Unibear Holding Group thanking the audience said this is the Oditer Motorcycle accessories sales meeting and new product ODIKING Chain conference. “I am also grateful to all the staffs of Oditer because of their efforts and improvement of service idea,” he said. We have already adjusted the management team, trained every salesman, so that we can service our agents well.  I believe everyone can see our efforts. I asked our Oditer team stick to our service philosophy and meet customer’s needs better.

At present Mr. Alex takes charge of purchasing, new product development, sales staff assessment, clients’ management, product service management and service management. Mr. Saber is in charge of marketing planning, channel development, outdoor activities such as advertising support and agents’ benefits administration. Mr. Iftikhar is responsible for managing the sales team, developing agents, holding maintenance point meeting, developing agents varying from small to large. I require you three people strictly to run the Oditer by the concept of innovation and service. Therefore, I hope all the dealers and customers supervise the performance and service of our management and sales staff, if there is any problem with our service, please contact with me directly.

Today I would like to promote a new product and also introduce a staff to everyone. Mr. Ou Jun who is from China worked in DID Japan five years ago, dealing with the research and development work. With this working experience he as excellent R&D Capabilities and material selection capabilities. Now he designs the best quality motorcycle chain kit in Pakistan for local market using the ODIKING Technology which was born from him and I believe this new product is clearly the best in Pakistan. Now I hope you all test and try out this new product in your hand. And I hope the ODIKING can be our pride.

In the meantime we will improve the quality all of the Oditer Motorcycle Parts, also we will change surface of all of chain kit utilizing the laser carving technology in order to make other suppliers cannot keep up with us about the quality of interior and exterior so much change for the products. We want you can notice and bring different highlights into market.

About 200 Dealers of Oditer Motorcycle Parts from all over the Punjab Province including Lahore participated on the occasion. The Oditer Motorcycle Parts marketing plan was presented by Iftikhar Ali, GM through detailed Presentation. Iftikhar Ali presented the introduction about ODIKING Brand Chain Sprocket Kit set. A large number of gifts were also distributed among the participants through lucky draw.

-Published on pages#16 to 18, May-2016 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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