April 28, 2016

PTA approves ‘Qingqi’ Motorcycle Rickshaw for Sindh

The Provincial Transport Authority of Sindh has issued final approval on 11th April 2016 to  Plum Qingqi Motors Limited for its “Qingqi” brand Motorcycle Rickshaw for plying in the province of Sindh. Mr. Tuaha Ahmed Faruqui, Secretary to Government of Sindh, Transport & Mass Transit Department/ Chairman, Provincial Transport Authority, Sindh issued this order.

The Chairman PTA stated that in pursuance of the order dated 6-1-2016 passed by the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan in Civil Petition No. 423-K of 2015 and Civil Petition No. 472-K of Sindh, and consequent upon the decision of the meeting of the Sindh Provincial Transport Authority Board held on 1-4-2016, permission is hereby accorded to M/s: Plum Qingqi Motors Limited for introduction of Motorcycle Rickshaw brand name “Qingqi” in the province of Sindh with the restriction that it will operate only on restricted routes of link roads and not on the main Arteries/ Roads. The firm fulfills all other conditions required under law and will manufacture vehicles in conformity with the approved specifications as published and notified. Any violation in this respect will render the permission liable to be revoked without any notice, the Chairman concluded.

Qingqi NE Sindh Model  

Copy of this order was forwarded for information and necessary action to: Secretary, Excise & Taxation Deptt: Karachi, DIG Traffic Police Karachi, Transport & Mass Transit Department, Motor Vehicle Inspection Wing, Saeedabad, and the Secretary of all 25 District Regional Transport Authorities of the province.

It may be mentioned here that last year all the motorcycle rickshaws were banned in Sindh following a court ruling citing safety concerns. Later after many hearings, the apex court issued directives on 6th January 2016 for factory fitted three wheeler motorcycle rickshaws including seating capacity, safety guard, engine capacity, hydraulic brakes, and size of the front and rear wheels etc. Supreme Court also asked the provincial transport authority to ensure compliance of the order by submitting a report after 90 days.

According to a spokesman of the Company; in compliance with above requirements Plum Qingqi Motors Limited is the only Company so far that fulfilled all the specifications and offered its product for detailed inspection, test and trials at Motor Vehicle Inspection Wing, Saeedabad, Karachi and got approval of the PTA, he added.

-Published on page#10 April-2016 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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