April 28, 2016

DIAMOND TYRE wins performance award

Diamond Tyres; which is the internationally renowned and foremost tyre manufacturing company of Pakistan, won the ‘Award for Performance’ at AHL’s 4th National Vendors Conference on 24th March 2016. The award was presented by Atlas Honda Limited in Lahore for Diamond’s outstanding performance.

This was the first award won by Diamond Tyres on overall quality, cost and supply; and that too only within a five years time period. A Diamond spokesperson at the conference revealed that Diamond tyres are nearing their millionth tyre milestone; Diamond also thanked their supporters and promised to stay committed to superior quality and competitively priced products for their loyal customers.

Diamond has been in the business since more than 40 years and the experience is reflected in the products. Diamond contributes sufficiently to the foreign exchange by exporting its tyres to countries like Turkey, Mozambique and South Africa.

To extend skylines of the organization, its administration offers famous nature of tyres and tubes for a wide range of vehicles including motorcycles, bicycles, auto-rickshaw and wheel barrows. They are an innovation-based organization that makes game plans to satisfy all interests of its clients without any difficulties.

Diamond Tyres envision themselves to become the premier manufacturer of the best quality tyre and tubes for all kinds of vehicles. They also have a mission to conduct business most efficiently and professionally, to provide best quality products to their customers on competitive rates, and to ensure maximum return to all stakeholders, while sincerely meeting their social responsibilities.

The corporate strategy for Diamond Tyres is to produce and market the best quality products, consistently exceeding customer expectations and to provide reliable after sales service. They also guarantee the optimal use of the company’s resources, provision of employment opportunities and the respect for all stakeholders’ interests.

Diamond Tyres highly efficient utilization of resources ensures consistent growth quantitative and qualitatively. They also focus on their social responsibilities by creating a conducive working environment that enhances productivity, job satisfaction and personal development of their employees. Kudos to Diamond for being the brand leader in Pakistan and making its mark globally too.

-Published on page#11 April-2016 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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