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June 25, 2015

It was an outstanding Exhibition for Tyre & Wheel, An Interview with Mr. Mudasser Iqbal Khan, Director, Askari Traders

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Written by: Suhail Nasir

Qingdao’s CTF Expo attracted various visitors from Pakistan. Mudasser Iqbal Khanwas one of them. In his post event comments about the show Mudasser Iqbal said it was an outstanding exhibition.

This was my first and the worth visiting show, a platform to establish and strengthen the direct relationship between buyers & factory officials. As you know Qingdao, Shandong province is the home of Chinese Rubber & Tyre industry.

 Mostly major brands are located here; I think this fair has also become the identity of Qingdao tyre industry. There were so many trading companies too displaying their brands in the fair, and I visited maximum booths in both the Halls.

Mudasser Iqbal Khan is attached as Director with Askari Traders, Lahore. Replying to various queries Mudasser Iqbal disclosed that he obtained higher education from Australia. “I did Bachelor in computer science from Australia as well as Masters in Business Finance and Masters in Professional Accounting from Monash University Australia. I have worked for 3 years as team leader of IT department in Toyota Australia,” he said.

mobile world magazine china tyre fair comments2“I belong to a tyre business family. My father started tyre business in 1981 in Mianwali. I started import business about 7 years ago in Pakistan and Australia markets. I look after all imports from China as well as local markets in Pakistan and Australia. I have in-depth experience in tyres wholesale and retail in both markets for PCR and TBR, as you know local business trend is on credit demand. Due to global reduction in rubber prices we are facing its impact on imports and the local wholesale business,” Mudasser added.

He appreciated the role of MOBILE WORLD Magazine in this fair and said; “You have played a very important role just like a bridge between tyre suppliers and tyre buyers. Pakistani buyers are not very educated they face some common problems just as Chinese general public faces and that is the medium of communication (English). Both the nations mostly rely on their local languages; however an English magazine like yours is there to fill the gap and guide.”

“In my opinion MOBILE WORLD Magazine played a wonderful role and it passed on all the fair’s prior information to Pakistani people in Urdu language as well as in English so the message was spread very quickly all over Pakistan and I was one of those persons who got this information at the right time with right message from right people because MOBILE WORLD Magazine staff is honest, hard working and committed to their work and we can believe and trust what they say,” Mr. Mudasser complemented.

mobile world magazine china tyre fair comments 3He further stated that when he contacted to schedule his Qingdao visit he discovered that MOBILE WORLD Magazine team was very rich with local and Chinese knowledge so that they can easily guide buyers where to stay where to find Halal food as well as what is the process for to get visa etc. the list goes on and their work does not stop. “I would love to be in contact with them I am sure in near future they will help me guide more about China and China tyre market,” Mudasser said.

Replying to another question he informed; “I am importing many brands from China which include Goodfriend Tyre, Sagitar, Constancy, Sportrak and Boto. I import TBR and PCR both and I always keep budget, medium and high quality tyres for all our customer needs.

He further stated that Australia is a very big continent but with very less population. And with reference to tyre business it is very small market. Australia has very less demand for budget tyres (Chinese tyres) because customers can easily afford high quality Japanese and European brand tyres. In Australia nearly every shop owner imports tyres for himself.

Here in Pakistan 8.2 million Tyres annual market demand is very healthy volume and it’ll be going up in coming years as you know 40% tyres are imported. Pakistan locally produces only 23% of its demand but 37% affected by smuggled tyres from Afghanistan and Iran which is heavily affecting importers profit. There are many other factors that Pakistani importers are facing which included Country political situation, unstable dollar, very high ITP rates and our port city Karachi security issues, Mudasser Iqbal Khan concluded.

 -Published on pages#34-35 June-2015 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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