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May 28, 2015

Jeson Power Engines significantly bigger than others

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Written by: Suhail Nasir
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An Interview with Mr. Yang Yibeng, Senior Most Engineer, Chongqing Jeson Power Machinery

As stated by Mr. Derek Min that they have very experienced engineers’ team from the day first in Chongqing Jeson Power Machinery Co., Ltd. Mr. Yang Yibeng, is an essential part of their engineers team.

Mr. Yang Yibeng age 71 year, graduated in 1966. He joined Jialing Company, spent 12 years there as head of Automotive and Ship technical department. In 1978 Jialing started its Motorcycle project and he was moved to Motorcycle project. At the time when Jialing planned for Motorcycle project Yang and his team members visited some countries like Germany, Yugoslavia & Japan for research and product selection.

Yang was the head of technical team for final selection. They selected few models and designs and signed agreement with Honda Japan for PA-50, CD-70 & XL-125 motorcycles.

He was in charge of localization of all these models in China. From 1966 to 1998, a long period of 32 years Mr. Yang served in Jialing Motorcycle. Afterwards he worked 2 years in Yingang Motorcycle. He also worked for more than 10 years in Chongqing Loncin as Director Technical department.

In 2012 he joined Jeson Power and under his rich experience the Company is working & focusing from day first on technical side to make better quality engines for local and export markets.

“Chinese government is paying back to him monthly allowance. In the Chinese motorcycle industry there are only 5 people facilitated by the government and Mr. Yang is one of them,” it was disclosed by Mr. Derek Min.

While talking to MOBILE WORLD exclusively Mr. Yang informed that he is also working with a Chinese language motorcycle technical magazine as an expert of engine to check engines performance. The magazine is being regularly published since 1988 by Chinese Automotive Technical Research Centre under the Chinese Government.

By highlighting the technical specifications of Jeson new model engines Yang stated that the Snow Leopard engine pump is capable of timely taking away the heat of the engine’s exhaust gas; its water flow reached 16 litre/min. significantly bigger than its market rival products’ level of 7 litre/min. and this is best power for Tricycles.

“The optimized design of drive system makes rotation speed and power output more reasonable, enabling the tricycles to withstanding severe working conditions. Its fortified clutch driven gear is thicker, making transmission more stable, clutch’s strength higher and noise lower. The new crankcase structure’s reinforcement ribs and larger size are used for the engines, which reduces the engine’s vibration and brings better driving comfort”, he said.

Yang further stated that the unique inbuilt engine oil cooling system helps further lower the engine oil in the crankcase by 5-7 C. And the further cooled engine oil is then used to cool and lubricate the crankshaft and pistons while meeting the crankshaft connecting rod’s reliability is significantly improved. the overall engine temperature is also lowered, hence a longer cycle of engine oil change and the user’s lower cost of maintenance is resulted.

-Published on page#20 May-2015 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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