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May 29, 2015

Mega Change: Reshaping an Industry, Global Automotive Forum in Chongqing in June 2015

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Written by: Suhail Nasir
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Automotive Forum

One of the Largest and Top-level International Forums Held in China.

At the invitation of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, Global Automotive Forum 2015 (“GAF2015” will be held on June 9-10, 2015 at Chongqing Yuelai International Convention Center, coincide with the Chongqing Auto Show. This is going to be one of the largest, top-level and most important international forums held in China. This is also the first time for GAF to take place in Chongqing and shift its date from autumn to summer after having been developed for three years in Chengdu and two years in Wuhan.

Cooperation between famous auto city and top-level auto forum

Previously, “China Auto Chongqing Summit (CACS)” organized by GAF team has been held in Chongqing for two consecutive years. About 400 elites in the field of automotive marketing attended CACS2014. Speakers at the forum included 16 experts from foreign auto companies and renowned research institutes.

GAF will reach new heights in terms of range of participants, level of internationalization and diversity of activities with its debut in the famous auto city of Chongqing. As a global forum, GAF will strive for a grand event of higher quality while maintaining a moderate scale, with expectation of about 800 VIP in the industry all over the world attending GAF2015. To fully play its role as  top communication platform for automotive industry, GAF places particular emphasis on multilateral or bilateral communication, display and launch of new technologies and trends in addition to exchange of ideas. GAF will also continue to co-operate with overseas partners in US, German, UK, Japan, India, HK and Taiwan to invite multinational delegation of businessmen and officials to the forum.

The topic of GAF this year is “Mega change: Reshaping an Industry”. According to the introduction of the Organizing Committee, the topic is closely related to the themes of the time: As the global economy recovers slowly after the 2008 Financial Crisis, the major economic entities go in different directions. Downward pressure on China’s economic growth is intensified.  Multiple difficulties and challenges interact. At the same time, technological revolution brought by IT and internet leads to the third global industrial revolution. Traditional automotive industry has begun the progress of reconstruction in the context of global economic change and industrial revolution. How should all parties in automotive industry cope with this deep change? That must be discussed and solved.

A Chongqing official introduces that automobile production reached 2.63 million units in Chongqing in 2014, with a year on year increase of 22%, which was 15 percent higher than national average production. The output accounted for more than 11% in China’s total production and ranked no. 1 nationwide. There are 32 automotive manufacturers in Chongqing with an annual production capacity of 4 million units, making Chongqing the biggest manufacturing base of automobiles and motorcycles. As this city’s pillar industry, Chongqing automotive industry accounted for 27% in Chongqing’s whole industry in 2014. Therefore, the government spared no efforts to invite GAF to move to Chongqing this year, believing that it will bring benefits on sound development of Chongqing’s automotive industry.

A Gathering of elites with hope of the industry

According to GAF team, the forum has been successfully held for 5 years. It ranked top 10 in “Top 100 Most Influential Meetings in China in 2011” and no. 1 among automotive conferences. Over 920 professionals from 19 countries and regions were attracted to 2-days GAF2014; 78 distinguished speakers aired their views in 16 sessions. 8 press conferences were held in the forum period.. Representatives of governments and commercial delegations from several foreign countries were present. The forum attracted enormous attention from media as always: 327 journalists from 111 media organizations at home and abroad were in attendance; ten of the media set up their studios in the venue; 33 journalists from 23 overseas media were actively engaged in reporting the forum.

After 5-year growth, GAF is now acknowledged worldwide as a carnival for automotive industry with top level quality, practical themes and high attention from media. It has gained strong international influence and unique position, winning the general approval from industry professionals:

Rufus Yerxa, Former Deputy Director General of World Trade Organization (WTO) said: “The Global Automotive Forum has provided a very good platform and has opened a wonderful window for Chinese auto makers to learn world advanced experiences.”

Toshiyuki Shiga, Vice Chairman of Nissan Motors Co., Ltd. commented that: “the organizer built such an excellent platform for leaders and experts from the Chinese and global automotive industry, to exchange views on the trends in the industry and the opportunities and challenges in China.”

Dr. Ralf Cramer, Member of the Executive Board of Continental AG” The Global Automotive Forum has been a great platform for discussions and learning with experts in the industry for China and global players. We appreciate very much this great opportunity.”

Li Shufu, Chairman of Volvo Car Corporation, Founder and Chairman of Geely Holding Group expressed his expectation towards GAF:”I hope that the Global Automotive Forum will become the most influential auto conference in the world, and serve as an excellent communication platform to promote the development of China’s automotive industry.”

Other well-known entrepreneurs and experts sent their messages to GAF as well, expressing their deep concern and great expectation towards forum.

GAF is initiated and hosted by the China Council for Promotion of International Trade Automotive Committee. With the intellectual support of consultant team whose members are from China, US, UK and Germany, GAF aims to discussing the structural changes and challenges facing global automotive industry, providing participants with latest updates of the technological, economic, societal and trade developments in the industry, and building constructive consensus through talks among automotive companies, governments, economists and media as well.

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