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January 27, 2015

FAW V2 Hatchback – A latest addition

FAW V2 Hatchback

 such as Toyota, GM & etc.

The FAW V2 Hatchback is based on the first generation Toyota Vitz/ Yaris platform and it is powered by a Euro-4 1.3L VCT-i (with a different name Variable Cam Timing) which is same as Toyota VVT-i.

In Pakistan, the new car people mostly selected on three bases. 1. Resale 2. Affordability & availability of spare parts 3. Reliability

In a market like this Al-Haj FAW Motors Pakistan (AHFMP) – a joint venture between FAW Group, China and Al-Haj Group, Pakistan – has made a bold move by introducing a car for the commoners.

The customers’ feedback from different cities about recently launched FAW V2 Hatchback car was quite encouraging when they compared FAW V2 with other local assembled and imported vehicles and expressed their experience.

One such owner from Lahore stated: “So I finally made my father agree and bought this beauty. First talking about the drive after almost 500kms now, it’s beautiful and wonderful.

The acceleration is just freaking awesome. The ABS brake is quite responsive. The suspension was also wonderful. I just felt of it like my dad’s 1300cc sedan, so comfortable that I am totally satisfied.”

In the interior there’s ample seat for a person like me (6’1” tall) on the front seats and the people on the back can also easily be entertained. USB played well and the two speakers did the job for me although personally like high bass but they’re perfect for doing the job. The steering is very easy to handle. The only issue I had was that it took me almost a day to get used to the opposite positions of headlights and viper knob, he said.

It has dual airbags, Power windows, Power steering, ABS, the drive is very smooth. It is way more powerful as it is 1300cc and I could not get any other 1300cc new car in this range. The other Hatchback cars locally assembled or reconditioned cars were totally waved out of my mind after V2, he added.

I am not worried, I am happy that FAW China have set up their plant in Karachi and company says it will be starting its local production in 2015 which means they are here to stay and make a name in the market. The after sale service and spare parts although available all over Pakistan in 3S dealerships but not in open market until now, the user concluded.

Another customer from Islamabad informed, “I bought the car 2 weeks ago approximately. It’s good to drive, the looks are beautiful. Brakes are good too, the steering is quite responsive, actually I like the way how it makes easy to handle the car. Horn is loud, but I have to press a bit hard on it otherwise no sound, about the interior, it has ample space for storage but the quality, it’s not too bad as local manufactured Hatchback cars, I am talking about its looks, feel and finish.”

I drove it on Motorway and I had to “wait” for it to get to 140kph, the speedometer needle vibrates a bit. The suspension is good and car’s grip on the road is great even at 140 I didn’t feel like I am losing control of car. The indicator knob is on left, they should’ve fitted it on right there are company fitted fog lamps front and back and it really helps during fog at night, he said.

The boot space is plentiful too; the rear seats are comfortable with factory fitted seat belts. The rear view mirror is day and night reflection mirror (has a little knob, reduces glare from rear cars at night at cost of reduced visibility). The car battery is dry, maintenance free, Power windows switches for driver and front passenger are fitted near handbrake, and it takes a few days to get adjusted to it. Overall it’s a great car, feature rich; also one doesn’t have to pay the advance income tax, the owner added.

Similarly, a Karachiite shared his experience about V2 drive in city. He said; well I have been using FAW V2 since last 1 month and I have found it to be an awesome car proving every rupee worth. The Drive is too comfortable especially on the roads we have in Karachi. Gear shifting is so smooth that you can change it with slight push/ pull of your fingers along with the soft clutch. It has an immobilizer along with keyless entry, which means that the car cannot be started without the original key. It even has an adjustable headlight. Acceleration is awesome, you can feel the pull whenever you press the paddle no matter which gear it is in.

He further stated: “I have not yet registered the vehicle due to year end. Will get it registered in January 2015, In Sha Allah. According to the dealer the registration fee is around 45-50k but someone told me from Lahore that he got it registered for 23k as there is no withholding tax on imported cars. Will update once I get it registered.”

The Fuel average is also reasonably good. It is giving me around 15-17km/ liter in the city drive with patches of still traffic as it is mostly used to get my kids from school which is in main Saddar. I would say it is worth spending Rs.1,049,000/- for a car which have a lot to give. I hope coming years would prove that I took the right decision, the Karachiite added.

-Published on pages#14-15, January-2015 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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