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November 27, 2014

The road ahead for the auto industry in the eyes of top executives

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Written by: Suhail Nasir
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On October 17, 2014, the 5th Annual Global Automotive Forum was ended with a closing plenary. Lu Shaye, Vice Mayor of Wuhan Municipal Government summarized the two-day forum. , GM Executive Vice President and President of GM China, Li Shufu, Chairman of Geely Group, Li Feng, Board Member of BAIC Group; President of BAIC Motor delivered speeches and discussed on the following topics, “prediction for auto market in 2015”, “prediction for automobile in 2020”, “Key challenges and opportunities” and “Intelligent transportation systems”.

Lu Shaye: Global auto industry will achieve the transformation from large to strong


Firstly, it is market structure adjustment

Domestic market should meet the needs of customers in medium-sized cities from the big cities, become urbanization and agricultural modernization development. New space layout should be carried out in the market.

Secondly, it is technical structure adjustment

Technology acquisition in China’s auto industry should change from the dependence on import and joint venture to the developing mode of international resources integration and integrated innovation, to keep up with the trend of the development of world auto industry.

Thirdly, it is product structure adjustment

In line with international standards, we need the products with the same standards and regulations in the developed countries and become energy conservation, emission reduction. Let new energy vehicles enter the market to form an industry. In terms of government’s policy support on application of new energy vehicles, China has been in the top of the world.

Fourthly, it is capital structure adjustment

National mixed ownership reform deepening is a decisive for a long time deepening of resources allocation; finally to optimize capital structure is the important standard of industry value maximization, to provide powerful continued funding to achieve strategic transformation of industry. At the same time, to realize the transformation of auto industry, it is impossible only to do adjustment of the automobile manufacturing itself, but should adjust from the whole industry chain, from upstream and downstream related industries at the same time.

The forum brought thinking and enlightenment that will boost the global auto industry to go forward in the process of transformation. Along with the unremitting exploration, the constantly transformation of market, technology, products and capital structure, China and even the global auto industry will realize the transformation from large to strong and have a better future.

Matt Tsien: Becoming increasingly intelligent is the trend of future automobile

Today’s vehicle has become more intelligent than before. Long range radar, camera, inductor, Cross-Traffic Alert and collision warning light system, those functions can help to do parking and reduce collisions and accidents. The next step is the combination with connectivity and automobiles. We will launch a concept vehicle in 2030. Our vision is to produce vehicles are no longer oil dependence, to achieve zero emissions. There is no accidents, no congestion.

We believe automation technology will be brought to market gradually, but not happen at once. With more advanced camera and inductor, vehicles can help us in more ways for driving control. As for GM, we do everything is not for technology itself, but for consumers needs in worldwide market. Therefore, everyone in the auto industry has a responsibility to promote the development of this key area.

Li Shufu: Future automobile is the combination of four wheels+electricity+Pc

Automobile is the combination of four wheels and two sofas. But with years of practice and development, the automotive technology has been improved. Today’s vehicle has entered 3.0 era from the past mechanization 1.0 era and electronic 2.0 era. Future smart cars with automatically driving function will bring a revolution; it will liberate human from using a car, humans will be liberate from holding the steering wheel and the brakes, to enjoy truly freedom safe healthy drive. This is the goal that all peers in auto industry are trying to achieve.

Due to the rapid development of Internet technology and the coming of various scientific technological innovations, this dream will speed up to become a reality. I think the future car is safe, green, intelligent, healthy, people-centered, environment coordinated centered that is the main idea of Volvo, “everything is for people”. The future car with life and soul, it will become one of people’s life partner, not just a means of transport. The future smart cars will be more and more close to the human brain.

All consumers and car companies are eager to embrace the Internet. Automatic driving will completely change automobile and ecological transportation. People and cars, car and car, car and road, traffic lights, car and other traffic facilities will implement the connectivity.

The future car will be no longer pursuing traditional concepts, such as dynamic and manufacturing process, but will focus on the integration of fashion, health, flexibility, freedom, science and technology, informatization, Internet, intelligence and industry.

In the future, producing a car is like planting a tree. Car will not discharge harmful gas, which, in turn, will absorb the harmful gas. It is like a tree that does not emit carbon dioxide, but producing oxygen. It is the same for a car. This is not a joke. An automobile enterprise should take initiatives to undertake social responsibilities; such companies have a bright future.

Li Feng: The automobile consumption era 2.0 has come

We have entered the automobile consumption era 2.0. Under such a consumption era, automobile is integration communication and technologies on the level of products. How to integrate numerous CPUs to one; it is a big issue, the same for integration communication. The ultimate goal of future automobile is to realize intelligent drive. In the automobile consumption era 2.0, the personality of consumers will become increasingly strong. How to meet personalized demands of consumers? To begin with, become E-commercialization. Second, achieve customization with 3D printing. Third, change the differentiated consumers to personalization. Fourth, realize the harmony between automobile and human; it will be a mainstream in future.

-Published on pages#10-11 November-2014 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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