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November 27, 2014

Post-blue sea era: Ensure to enhance the competitiveness of China’s auto enterprise

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Written by: Suhail Nasir
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October 16th, 2014, The core issues of the plenary session were – how to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, namely, how to improve the management level of Chinese automotive manufacturers and suppliers in order to go global successfully, became the focus of presentations and discussions.

Fang Hongwei, Chairman of Shanxi Automobile Group Co. Ltd, believed that the future of China’s auto market, whether it is the passenger car market, or commercial vehicle market will tend towards stability. The competitiveness of Chinese local brands is still in a relatively weak position, the after-sales service and product quality need to be improved.

Qiu Tiangao, Chairman of Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd., used three words “focus, independence, stability,” to interpret how to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

Focus – Chinese local brands should invest limited resources into its core business, focus on market segments, and have a clear understanding of their own positioning.

Independence – China should develop its own brands while continuing to develop its joint venture businesses.

As an “alien” of China’s auto industry, Guo Qian, Chairman and CEO of Qoros Auto Co. Ltd. said, Chinese auto companies must go through two stages to catch up with the international level: the first one is to enhance the technical capacity; the second is to develop brand awareness. Moreover, Guo said, Qoros’s products have basically reached the standards of the international technical level with its “V-shaped” line development and user demand-driven strategy.

Mark Bernhard, Deputy General Manager and CFO of Shanghai GM, said that China’s auto market is now showing a diversified development trend. Blue Ocean Era has passed and we need to explore new areas. In the future, the Chinese automobile enterprises will confront the slow development and the fierce competition on profits. How to survive and maintain sustainable development will become a priority.

-Published on page#29 November-2014 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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