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November 27, 2014

Car safety under the internet era

When the car develops into the biggest mobile terminal system, car networking emerges as autopilot technology will become the fashionable trend. The automobile industry is exploring and discussing whether autopilot can solve the problems for our lives from various aspects, such as: congestion, environmental protection, traffic safety, and so on.

GAF-MOBILE WORLD Magazine - CAR SAFETY SHAO PINAnnounced by Shao Pin, President of Ping An Bank, the banks will actively provide innovative financial services, financial support for new energy cars, establish buyout funds and similar methods to promote new energy vehicles, as well as to strengthen infrastructure construction industry. Through adopting internet of things technologies with things mobile devices installed on vehicles, thus to provide services for the automotive transformation and upgrading.

In addition, the banks will facilitate the “going global” strategy of automobile enterprises; through various forms of cross-border financial product system, including offshore business products, international products, international funds, bonds and other support for cross-border investment in factories car prices, R&D centers in overseas assets to help Chinese vehicles to be on the path of assets internationalization and operational internationalization as early as possible.

In support of banks and other financial institutions, the aftermarket has a significant development. For example, consumers can provide a personal car loan, used car loans, a variety of consumer loan products and other additional loan products; meanwhile, for the second-hand car service providers, automotive products, accessories, service providers can offer online financial platform to help them improve the network of sales channels, reduce cost of sales and enhance the management level.

Overall, the financial industry effectively facilitates the development of auto enterprises, as well as for consumers to purchase vehicles. China’s car sales reached nearly 22 million in 2013, which again broke the global automotive market sales records and maintain the world’s first production and sales for five consecutive years.

GAF-MOBILE WORLD Magazine -CAR SAFETY Ni GuangnanOn the other hand, Ni Guangnan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering raised on the topic of Car Terminal and Information Security: due to the growing intelligent terminals, users may soon breakthrough ten billion units. The future of automotive safety largely refers to information security of vehicle networking. The car safety is closely related to human life, therefore, the car PC area is coming, and security means “confrontational direction of change” in real life.

At present, Chinese enterprises are lack of strength with relative weak ability of innovation. In terms of the smart terminal operating system, Apple, Google and Microsoft are all US dominated. Imagine, once the information revolution erupts, the three companies will dominate the global market, which push China to fall into a passive situation. Therefore, to form an industry alliance from the perspective of industrial innovation is of great importance to integrate resources with joint efforts, such as China’s Big Dipper is just behind GPS. Under the era of the Internet, everyone is a mobile user, recorder and owner of information data; security terminal is vital to us.

-Published on pages#36, November-2014 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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