June 28, 2014

LONCIN LX650, Energized by BMW, Sports, Strong & Masculine Appearance loncin lx650 motorcycle Pakistan

“Loncin LX650 sports motorcycle, which has strong and masculine appearance, is a two-wheel motorcycle with the biggest displacement. Technical data shows that the weight of this motorcycle is 175 kg, and it can speed up from stationary state to 100km/h within 5 seconds. Its engine is produced on the same production line with BMW’s same-displacement engine that produced by Loncin.”

Founded in 1993, Loncin has perfect general dynamic products and system matching solutions. To create broad prospect mutually on the basis of meeting the demands from customer in an all-round way, Loncin is providing innovational production and service for global clients as well as contributing to sustainable profit and profitable increase.

Loncin, paying special concentration to the development of low-carbon-emission and packaged dynamic products, has formed an industrial group including engine, generator, motorcycle and new-energy vehicle, by which, Loncin enjoys high reputation in its field and provides superior products and high quality service to more than 160 countries and regions all over the world. Loncin has also established stable collaborative relations with several famous international corporations, such as BMW, Mahindra, and Kawasaki. Loncin has got great-leap-forward development by its top rank research and development capacity worldwide. It also actively searches for solution and acquisition of the core technology of multiple dynamic and electric vehicles.

Loncin has access to Pakistan market for over 11 years, and keeps good business relation & steady partnership with SUPER POWER, SUPER STAR and others. Now Loncin provides more than 200,000 units of engine to Pakistan per year, and by complete engine solutions, Loncin has established well-deserved reputation around Pakistan.

Complete Engine Solution for Pakistan

Nowadays Pakistan government is pushing ERUO II standard emission for every local manufacturer. As a concentration on this market, Loncin has introduced a new EURO II system for Pakistan specifically, which is testified by Loncin R&D, the top motorcycle & engine design lab in China.

With totally new design for Pakistan, Loncin has designed and adjusted new EURO II carburetor, and has optimized the engine air burning system for the purpose of reducing emissions.

-Published on pages#-13 & 14 June-2014 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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