March 5, 2014

Punjab Government campaigns against theft vehicles motorcycle mobile world magazine

The Government of Punjab in a bid to check the misuse of two wheelers/ motorcycles by terrorists has decided to impose ban on delivery of un-registered vehicles to the purchasers.

On this account Directorate General Excise & Taxation, Punjab is considering authorization of companies or their authorized dealers to be involved in registration process.


For this purpose it has issued letters to all assemblers/ manufacturers of two wheelers to ensure provision of data pertaining to Engine No. and Chassis No. of the vehicles manufactured/assembled and supplied to the dealers.

In his letter issued on 6 February 2014 the Director General Excise & Taxation, Lahore said the manufacturing companies were bound to provide computer generated sale certificates bearing Engine & Chassis number with year of manufacturing and Engine capacity in bold format to avoid overwriting and tempering. Name of purchaser was to be filled by the dealer at the time of sale of motorcycles.

During the field survey, he said, it has been observed with great concern that many of the companies are selling motorcycles with tempered Engine/Chassis number, overwritten sale receipts and mostly do not bother for the registration either out of fear or understanding. The enclosed data of your company further reveals that in the calendar year 2013 in 36 districts of Punjab only (quantity mentioned) motorcycles assembled/manufactured by your company could be registered. This office requires verification on the following accounts:-

1.        District wise list of dealers of your company.

2.        From January to December 2013, vehicles supplied and sold by the dealers as per company’s record.

3.      The question of feasibility of the business when the annual sale is being reflected as (quantity mentioned) which appears to be a very small number.

4.        The Government of Punjab has decided to impose ban on the delivery of un-registered vehicles to the purchasers as a safeguard towards misuse by the terrorists. On this account this department is considering authorization of companies or their authorized dealers to be involved in the registration process.

The required information may kindly be provided by 14-02-2014, the letter concluded.

Its copies were also dispatched to PSQCA Karachi and EDB Islamabad with the request that outcome of the inquiry about working/ production/ sale pattern of each company will be submitted for consideration in renewal of the certificates.

On the other hand Excise & Taxation Department, Punjab has published advertisement in local newspapers to warn the buyers of motorcycles and auto rickshaws about theft and suspicious vehicles and become aware of the facilities provided by Government for instant registration of the genuine deals.

-Published on page#-10, February-2014 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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