March 7, 2014

QINGQI Best Sales Dealers Foreign Tour Malaysia and Sri Lanka

By Suhail Rafique, Sales Department, Head Sales Faisalabad Region, Plum Qingqi Motors Ltd.

M/s: Plum Qingqi Motors Ltd. is a pioneer in 3-wheeler products and diversified business into 4-Wheeler, Agricultural modified customer based products and from time to time keeping in view the market trends and demand.


The Company arranged a foreign tour for its Sales Dealers based on last year’s Sales performance. The purpose of tour was to entertain the top dealers/ performers at beautiful & charming places available in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

A total of 18 persons visited both countries; two Regional Managers Mr. Suhail Rafique (Faisalabad Region) and Mr. Ahmad Bhatti (North Region) accompanied the dealers’ team.

On a sunny morning of 15th January 2014, the aero plane took off from Allama Iqbal International airport to Karachi and then departed for Colombo, Sri Lanka through Sri Lankan Airline.

They were welcomed at Colombo airport by Sri Lankan guide Nilanga. He knew two languages, English & Tamil therefore Suhail Rafique played a translator role between Qingqi Sales dealers and guide because most of dealers know only Urdu & Punjabi languages.

Guide took them to hotel by luxury bus about 35 km away from airport. In front of hotel, a beautiful sea could be seen presenting a wonderful view of nature.

On Thursday morning they visited several places of Colombo city in which few were prominent i.e. Independence Square, BMICH Centre, Buddha Statues, local markets and Govt., Administration Offices.

Sri Lanka has 3500 years old history, an Island of population about 20 million people. Its official languages are Tamil & Sinhala. Buddhism is the largest religion about 70% of total population. Literacy rate is 93% and major exports are Rubber products, Tea, Coconut & Textile. It is the best place for tourism and most of European & American visitors are seen here. This country is famous for its Golden beaches, natural sites & Gem stones.

After city tour, they departed for Kandy which is the second largest city 135km away from Colombo. The Team reached Kandy in the evening and enjoyed the cultural dance show in which various performances were done by local artists. Visited the fire walk, Temple of Tooth, a sacred place for Buddhists and stayed night in Swiss Residence Hotel.

Next morning visited Premadasas Gemstones factory which exports different kinds of stones around globe i.e. Sapphire, Ruby, and Garnet & Diamond. Also visited RoyalBotanic Garden whose area comprises 147 Acres and 5000 types of trees, plants & Flowers. Five small gardens are there in the said large garden named Palm Avenue, Orchid House, Bamboo Collection, Double Coconut trees and Flower Garden.

The visitors offered Juma prayer in Jamia Masjid, Kandy. After lunch, they moved from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya city which is 90-km away from here.

They also visited a Tea factory on the way where most of dealers purchased Tea which is very good for health and famous for its popular taste. During travel, tea gardens were presenting beautiful scenes on both sides of the road.

Nuwara Eliya is the highest place of Sri Lanka and known as an England of Sri Lanka. It is also known as the famous hill station the country. It was the last day, after breakfast, the Team left hotel and having two hours traveling, reached at sun shining waterfall where spent half an hour, got lunch in Tea Bush restaurant on the way.

Visited Susantha spice & HerbalGarden where a large number of herbal plants and medicines were available as very helpful for curing various diseases.

In the evening, visited Elephant Orphanage House where 80 Elephants living and all expenses for their food provided by Government. Everyday at 5:30 pm, milk feeding activity for child elephants performed which was amazing and most of the people liked it.

After dinner, the guide dropped them at Colombo airport by bus. According to schedule their next flight from Colombo left for Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) at midnight.

Next morning, reached Kuala Lumpur airport where a gorgeous young man named Mr. Raza welcomed as guide in Malaysia up to 22nd Jan 2014.

He understands & speaks two languages English and Persian.

Malaysia is an Islamic country and Kula Lumpur its Capital. Having a population about 30 million and 60% people are Muslim. Its major exports are Palm Oil, Rubber and Petroleum Products. Its official language is Malaysian and visitors can travel by road to Singapore and Thailand.

During city tour, the Qingqi Dealers Group visited Independence Square, ChineseSacredTemple, Chocolate factory & Gallery. Dealers were tired and wanted to take rest in Hotel therefore they checked in the rooms available on 16th floor of Dynasty Hotel. In the evening, they went to PetronasTwinTowers (KLCCTowers) of 88 floors in which first five floor are for shopping. They traveled different parts of city by luxury train which was the wonderful experience for all team members.

They reached highest place of Malaysia named Genting Highlands Resort through a cable car this place also known as the hill station where a large number of clouds were touching them that feels great.

Top Five Star Hotels are available here in which tourists stay at nights throughout the year. All the dealers enjoyed very much.

Snow house was a wonderful place where they had to wear thick Jackets, Shoes and Gloves. Performed different activities and enjoyed a lot.

Visited Casino where most of people were gambling and amazing scenes for the tourists.

After taking lunch at McDonald’s, they moved back to city for shopping various items from market places like Times Square, BB Plaza and China market.

The Night view of Kuala Lumpur city was unforgettable.

On 21st January they visited Asia’s Best attraction full of fun & excitement named Sunway Lagoon. It has five types of parks and each park having different kinds of activities. All the Group Members participated and enjoyed very much.

They visited WaterPark, the largest man made surf beach where one can swim, slide and enjoy water surfing etc.

At Amusement Park, they enjoyed thrilling rides that will spin and 360 degrees rotating pirate ship. It has world’s largest pedestrian suspension bridge of about 428 meters.

The WildLifePark has more than 150 species of exotic animals available here and gets close & personal experience with your favorite animals.

At Extreme Park few dealers tested their skill at Archery Range, scar over the park with Malaysia’s longest flying Fox experience the best all terrain vehicle trails & riding.

At ScreamPark, few persons could face terror within and then stepped into the house of unimaginable horror at this place.

On Wed 22-01-2014, the early morning they left hotel Dynasty and guide dropped them on Kuala Lumpur departure lounge. Sri Lankan airline staff welcomed on board and all 18 persons reached Singapore after 3 hours flight. The plane stayed about half hour, and took off for Karachi via Colombo. After 4 hours flight, they landed at Karachi airport. There stayed for 3 hours and through PIA flight reached Lahore airport about 11:00 pm with glorious memories of the Qingqi hospitality.

-Published on pages#10-11, March-2014 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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