November 28, 2013

RAVI – PIAGGIO proud sponsors of National Motocross Offroad Competition


The waiting moments were over. The National Motocross Off-Road Competition is now the biggest attraction for the young and senior bikers equally. The off-road racing gala has left imperishable impressions on the minds of those who watched it. The Bikers must feel proud after participating in National Motocross Challenge, Sep 2013 at NLC Off-road track, Ayub Park Rawalpindi on 5&6 Sep, 2013.

First of all we must thank National Logistics Cell (NLC) to gift us such a nice opportunity where youth can use its potential and skills instead of wasting such energies at roads and put their lives in danger and leave their loved ones crying forever. Thanks to NLC and all those officers who ordered and planned for this beautiful event. A few important names will be Maj. Gen Asghar Nawaz, who is Director General NLC and also Col (retd) Wisal.


It was a bright morning of 5th Sep, when we got up and went to witness Pakistan’s biggest motorcycling event. We found the view from the start of AyubPark and G.T. Road side that the first official sponsor of the competition had joined.

NLC MOTOCROSS Track in PAKISTAN MOBILE WORLD MagazineWhen we reached the ground, it was covered with beautiful banners from sponsor Ravi Automobile Pvt Ltd, Piaggio Brand, Public service messages from Pakistan Bikers Club & National Logistics Cell. Bikes ranging from 70cc to 250cc were present there to contest. Bikers from all over Pakistan were there to watch the game or join the action. The seniors who participated were Mr. Aftab Iffy from Karachi, Mr. Ali from Sialkot, Mr. Gugu & Mr. Jabir from Rawalpindi, Mr. Umair Ali from Lahore and many others. The famous bikers who visited to watch the game were Mr. Amir Sheikh from RYDERS Rawalpindi, Mr. Saeed from Ravi Automobile Pvt Ltd, Mr. Yawar from Pak Suzuki Rawalpindi, Mr. Khursheed from Gujrat, Mr. Azeem from Rawalpindi/ Murree, members of Pakistan Bikers Club from all over Pakistan and many others. Though biking is considered to be a boys’ game here, but we had also families to watch the game.

On the race day the action started with the 70cc category. A lot of players from Rawalpindi, Islamabad and other cities were there and all of them tried hard to beat others. After the first category, there was rain for about 40 minutes. Some of the people though that the game will be postponed. But, salute to the spirit of players, they decided to play. On the other hand, the rain made the track truly an off-road and made us witness the skills of best riders.

Infact the race between 100 to 125cc street bikes took place after rain and they also presented the extreme riding skills. Same was the case with 100 to 125cc trails and then open class of trails where not only the players were involved but every one of us was also equally emotional because of the game.

We had finals on second day i.e., 6th Sep, 2013. This was in fact the best day for bikers of Pakistan, when the cream of bikers from different categories had come up by proving themselves in the qualifying round. Track had some wet parts that again made the game very interesting. After finals of 70cc and 100 to 125cc street bike class we got information that the chief guest Director General of National Logistics Cell (NLC) Major General Asghar Nawaz arrived and had the shake-hand ceremony with riders. After that we were to witness the best games by the best players. The two races of 100 to 125cc trail class and open class stunned everyone, even if he/she was going through G.T. Road.

The prizes and gifts were distributed by the chief guest and we came back after watching the biggest and the best biking competition in Pakistan.

-Published on pages#14-15 in October-2013 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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