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September 26, 2013


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AutomotiveDevices is an Automotive Electronics systems supplier for OEMs with specialization in Driver Information Systems which majorly includes Instrument Clusters for 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers and Tractors.  We are pioneer in Pakistan to locally design, develop and manufacture digital Instrument clusters and other automotive electronic assemblies.

Our Digital speedometers are designed to bear harsh road conditions of Pakistan and have best visibility in sunlight as well as in night. Further, there is no impact of rain or no battery condition in motorcycle on our speedometer products since all of our products are manufactured using Automotive Grade components with latest miniaturization technologies to qualify all automotive standards (AEC Q100 and Q101).


We are committed to keep our products in perfect pace with the fast growing demands of automotive industry and we thrive to achieve the highest level of your imaginations through an experienced engineering team. Reliability, Durability, Safety and Control are most commonly pronounced in the company while products are designed and engineered from concept to realization.

This is reason all of our products are offered with minimum warranty of 1 year with un-limited mileage for first time in Pakistan.

Technology Overview – Digital Speedometers Vs Mechanical Speedometers

Technology Comparison: Mechanical speedometers use a cable driven by a gear attached to the hub of the front wheel. The speedometer gear assembly will turn a speedometer cable which then turns the speedometer mechanism itself and show speed.

Whereas in digital speedometers, a rotation sensor mounted in the transmission or front wheel delivers a series of electronic pulses whose frequency corresponds to the average rotational speed of the driveshaft, and therefore the vehicle’s speed.

Technology Shift: Mechanical speedometers have been widely used over a long period of time. It’s only few years that digital speedometers have gained lot of popularity and many manufacturers started to switch to digital speedometers in motorcycles after cars since Mechanical speedometers have lot of features limitations versus digital ones.

Digital Speedometers are known these days as DIGITAL INSTRUMENT CLUSTERS since with technology advancement they have unlimited features options and showing speed, engine rpm, time, trip  meter, fuel amount, real time fuel consumption rate, temperature, battery status and many more features.

The digital speedometershave many advantages over the mechanical speedometer:

More accurate and reliable readings:This is because digital speedometers use speed sensors which actually reads the vehicle’s moving rate, and then sending results to the speedometer’s microprocessor, which displays speed and other parameters accurately over LCD display.

More readable than the clock-like display of analog ones:Another advantage is that digital speedometers display the speed measurement in numbers, which is a lot more readable than the clock-like display of analogue ones. Drivers suffering from deteriorated vision would surely prefer digital ones as they would no longer need to stare at the pointers and the somehow unclear lines between the digits on the clock-like display.

Long life and less prone to failures: Digital meters usually have a much lower chance of failing due to almost no moving parts or gears. Miniaturized surface mount parts have long life and no damage on vibrations. Harsh environment has no impact on digital instrument clusters because of wide range temperature performance of components.

More features and Information about Vehicle Performance: Digital Instrument clusters have unlimited possibilities to display vehicle information. One of main feature of interest these days for drivers is display of real time oraverage fuel consumption rate to monitor efficiency of vehicle.

More aesthetic appeal:LCD displays in digital speedometers have best visibility in night with different colors option and thus more attraction to the vehicle driver. Also LCD displays have best display in morning in sunlight with anti-glare feature.

-Published on page#-12, September-2013 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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