August 28, 2013

Off-Road Track Competition in Pakistan

It was 28th of Jun 2013, about 12:00 noon, the history of motorcycling in Pakistan saw a change when more than 50 riders were riding on an off-road track. The track was not a result of heavy rains in open space but a full formal presentation by Pakistan’s leading institution dealing in construction too i.e., NLC.

There were several things that made this event special. Pakistan’s famous riders from different cities were there to perform or to witness the historical event. Aftab (Iffy) from Karachi, Ali from Sialkot, Zahid Malik from Lahore and many others. Other special things were that a rider in the event was sponsored by two leading companies on trial basis i.e., Ravi Automobile Pvt Ltd (The marketing company of Piaggio Storm) and PBC Motor Sport (Pakistan’s 1st Riding Gear & Accessories Brand).

Different TV Channels captured the historical moments and shared the nice scenes with general public. The riders were also given prizes. NLC arranged Riding Gear for the safety of the participants, which shows that they had not only given safe enjoyment to riders but moved a step forward in safe Riding.

We at PBC have been working since 2007 for promotion of safe riding and now in 2013 we have witnessed some good changes. This great effort is one such example, in fact the best of those. We hope that our institutions, companies and authorities see this section also for their support, instead of investing all the energies into cricket only.

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