June 13, 2013

Chris Pfeiffer in Pakistan

pbc-chris-pfeiffer-mobileworldmagazine-3Another great show of 2013 in motorcycling of Pakistan, the event was Chris Pfeiffer’s Stunt Riding Show. We are sure that it will be a part of history. Organized in three major cities of Pakistan i.e., in Karachi on 19 Apr, in Lahore on 21 Apr and in Islamabad on 24 Apr 2013. It just made the cities and bikers rocking. The best thing about this event was Enjoyment for All, where a common rider could see him and enjoy the event. The good thing done by the organizer Red Bull was that they tried to reach a common rider a common man this time. For example, they contacted Pakistan Bikers Club and asked them for co-operation to take the word to a common rider.

Lucky for us to be PBC members as we were welcomed to the main arena where we enjoyed the show at ease, else there was a whole lot of crowd that asked what bike Chris was riding.

Talking about Chris and his bike; in 2006 when BMW first launched their F800S, they didn’t know that this massive looking street bike could do such wonders when Chris Pfeiffer would lay his hands onto it. Chris then started using the custom F800S for his tricks, the bike was then transformed into the F800R with some modifications. Chris has four World Champion titles and four European Champion titles under his belt performing on the BMW F800R. It is a treat to watch him do some wonderful tricks; he simply defies the laws of physics with his mind-blowing tricks.

pbc-chris-pfeiffer-mobileworldmagazine-2We suggest the bikers of nation, to not to copy such stunts on roads, Chris practiced, learned and is performing in totally controlled environment. We request the Government to provide opportunities to bikers by making proper arrangements so that they do not take risks of lives and do something illegal.

-Published on page#14 in May-2013 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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