May 8, 2013

Pakistan Motorcycle Market


years data shows that Pakistan motorcycle market is growing at the rate of 15% annually. This is a good stagnant growth visualized the importance of presence of the local assemblers. Their role is appreciable, starting with raw hand “unorganized way” and changed the scenario into “organized industry”. When we see few years back Atlas Honda was selling 100,000 bikes a year, now in present scenario top five local assemblers are selling more than hundred thousand bikes an year with the comparable and acceptable technology.

The industry specialist visualizing that in coming years the advance technologies will also introduce on fast track in the country. As usual the major technology inventors would be the Japanese companies (JVs); Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki and the same will be followed by the local assemblers with Chinese collaborations. Here we have a proved example of India; the local players are as strong as the Japanese companies. Although we know that India has 6 times bigger motorcycle market as compared to us and their local companies have enough revenue for spending on the research and development and they are heartedly doing this activity with the world over collaborations. As a whole Pakistan motorcycle market has a clear bright future and it is foreseen that some more serious assembler cum manufacturers will join this industry with new technologies.

Pakistan motorcycle market has so far 3 type of buyers; (forget about failure intra transport systems) the best thing is local assemblers they are really appreciated in contributing the small budget bikes. Needy with small budget; Needy with appropriate budget; Leisure with high end budget.

The needy with small budgets are 60% and that are hit to local bikes. The needy but with the appropriate budget are 38%, go for Japanese JV bikes starting from 70,000/- and 2% buying are high end and for leisure. That is why we see the 84% selling bike is 70cc, 11% is 125cc and very unfortunate only 5% is 100cc. So we need good products in 100cc, rest assure it would be accepted.

The Importance of Market surveys: Our companies did not carry/conduct surveys; if they do they really develop best products in real sense of buyer approach. The only and best way to consult the buyer is surveys that teach using development of products, facilitation at showrooms, parts & service quality. Always address difficulties and make happy customers this will be a deep and long term approach for the business.

In future we will continue to write various topics of marketing and sales, finance, management and HR and also the importance of planning in a business, the application will defiantly help in making good to best business practices.

-Published on page# 34 & 35 April-2013 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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