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May 8, 2013

Dalong Ambulance exhibition by Plum Qingqi Motors Limited


n exhibition with the title of inter safe was organized by Punjab emergency & rescue services (Rescue 1122) at Expo Center Lahore from March 20~22 .The main objective of this expo was to demonstrate new trends and equipment for safety and rescue services.

Large number of leading manufacturers & equipment suppliers participated in the Show. Nicely decorated stalls and arrangements were worth seeing. There were many new materials regarding safety and preventive systems for human life as well as Buildings and factories.

PLUM QINGQI MOTORS LTD. also participated as Sponsor along with Co-partners with Ahed Medics (Life care). The Dalong Ambulances were displayed along with other life saving equipment. The state of the art fabricated ambulance was very attractive and point of interest for the exhibitors and visitors. All the dignitaries and officials appreciated their product. “It was very encouraging for us and Insha Allah will be more beneficial for our future business” Plum Qingqi spokesman said.

The latest equipment and technological developments in the field of protection and safety were also great attraction for the visitors. The systems and gadgets for protection and safety were appreciated by the visitors. The opinion was developed that these should be implemented in all segments of life. With significance of the value of Human Life cost of equipment was not that much.

The positive initiative from the High Court was also communicated by the DG Emergency Service Dr. Rizwan along with Head of Safety Commission was communicated during Safety Conference held at Conference Hall of the Expo Center. The High Court has ordered to form a safety commission for the establishment and implementation of safety rules and regulation in all segments of life, especially for the buildings and industry. This would be an independent authority to implement the effective controls.

The Exhibitors shared their valuable experiences and suggestions to Chairman Safety Commission. As a whole this was an excellent event that is hoped to be beneficial for all of them.

-Published on page# 25 April-2013 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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