April 6, 2013

Plum Qingqi sponsors Cholistan Jeep Rally 2013

Punjab Tourism Department is organizing Cholistan Jeep Rally since Last 8 Years. This year it was the 8th rally organized at Darawar Fort Cholistan; from February 15 ~17. Darawar fort has historic significance in history of Cholistan and Bahawalpur. This is a beautiful landscape with lush green surroundings.

This year Plum Qingqi Motors also participated as main sponsor of the event. Participation of Chinese officials among their colleagues was specially honored by the organizers and participants of the rally. Event started at Bahawalpur from the historic Noor Mehal, the Ancient Residence of Nawab of Bahawalpur. Presently Pak army is the custodian of this Noor Mehal.

The Participants moved to Cholistan where main rally event was staged. Beautiful environment & weather embraced the whole 3 days event. There were colorful camps everywhere in the vast desert. Night stay in the tents was a unique experience for everyone.

In the night a cultural festival was organized along with dinner for the participants. Native folk Singers pleased the gathering with their traditional songs and Dances. On the main event venue Qingqi products were displayed. People showed great interest in all the products. A good awareness about Plum Qingqi and their products will definitely enhance future sales in that area.

A ceremony of lucky Draw was conducted among the visitors came to Plum Qingqi stalls. One of the visitors won the QM 70 Flash motorbike. At the end of the ceremony Trophies and Shields were awarded to winners and participants of the jeep rally. Plum Qingqi was also awarded with shields and souvenirs.

-Published on pages#12-13 in March-2013 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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