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April 6, 2013

Pakistan Bikers Club FAMOUS RIDERS: Series (Part-1)

mobile world magazine pakistan bikers club famous rider series-1

The Legendary Rider, Rana Abdul Salam aka Baba Jee’s life is today’s presentation of the series. Mr. Abdul Salam started riding in early 50s. He played a great role in bringing together all the major and minor motorcycle groups of the time. He was a true legend who was a source of inspiration for three generations. In the early 50s he used to ride the famous Harley Davidson while a Suzuki GS500 and a 650cc Honda were his old age companions. He had traveled across the country on his bike and shared thoughts of love and peace for which reason his name tops the list of famous rides. This great emissary of love and peace rode away to the world of eternity in April last year giving us a wound that cannot be healed and his absence has created a gap that can never be filled but life is a journey and we have to move ahead. Mr. Abdul Salam will always be remembered as a true biker.

-Published on page#20 in March-2013 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine


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