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November 28, 2012

Pak Suzuki heading towards deterioration

“Suzuki Motorcycle, a popular brand in Pakistan, is heading towards deterioration due to lack of interest by its management, please help rescue this organization from total collapse”. This was requested by one Suzuki enthusiast from Karachi, in his call to Editor, MOBILE WORLD.

Mr. M. Anwar Jalil, Senior Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences, KASB Institute of Technology (A member of the KASB Group), and a great enthusiast of Suzuki Motorcycle stated;

“I would like to draw your kind attention towards the mass defective production of Suzuki motorbikes GS-150. I have been complaining and visiting Suzuki service stations (Karachi FJR, UR) more than 20 times since I bought this bike but they have failed to fix the faults of this bike… what they are? Are they mechanics or just fitters? And even they can’t be able to find out the faults,” he said.

“Pak Suzuki has been leaving a question mark on Japanese brand-Suzuki! Now this brand is on stake in motorcycle industry in Pakistan. I am sending you a web link for the reference of those people who face the same problems and many from them have not recorded their complaints because of unawareness to find the platform to convey their complaints but I have heard verbally from many of them at the service stations of Suzuki,” Mr. Anwar added.

When MOBILE WORLD team investigated the issue in detail and visited the said complainant, the team discovered that most of the buyers of Suzuki GS-150 are facing almost same of the following problems:

1. Vibration and noise in Body

2. Suffocation in engine

3. Misalignment of handle

4. Hard jumps (not comfortable as previous model)

5. Rear rim and break problem

5. Gear shifting problem

6. Seat is not fixed properly

7. RPM/speed meter wire breaking issue

All these problems were found in zero meter GS-150 bikes and the buyers are visiting Suzuki service station everyday/every week till its warranty claim were expired! Suzuki management team does not take it seriously and a brand manager seems like to be a sitting duck on these issues.

A secret that was disclosed by one Suzuki employee that the engine is not compatible with motorbike body because 150cc engine is installed in a 125cc chassis/body. Moreover, Suzuki does not make body parts of this bike but gets from sub-standard vendors while using brand name Suzuki …all this was happened with brand name of Suzuki Japan in Pakistan and the game was going on.

Mr. Jalil also wrote to Customer Relations Centre of Pak Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd., Karachi in May 2012 and inquired “I just want to hear from you, when I will be compensated?”

He informed the Department on Thursday, May 24, 2012 that he had bought a new GS-150, with great vibration in body/engine….! Even Japanese engineer could not fix it! “I am not satisfied with your local Pak Suzuki technical staff skills. I need a mailing address of MD of Pak Suzuki Motorcycle and I request you to either replace this bike with new perfect bike (A quality motorbike) or refund my money. Waiting for your earlier reply,” M A Jalil wrote.

The Department acknowledged on Saturday, 26 May 2012, and replied, “We received your complaint, and regret the problem faced by you. Our customer service team is now looking into the issue. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.”

Earlier, on Wednesday, 25 April 2012 the Customer Centre had already confirmed his complaint and informed him, “Thank you for writing to Pak Suzuki. With reference to your mail hereunder, we regret for any inconvenience caused due to the same but in order to enable us to probe further into your complaint, we require some details. You are, therefore, requested to kindly provide us with the following information:

Chassis#, Engine#, Invoice date # and current mileage of the vehicle for onward necessary action. We expect your kind understanding in this regard. Moreover, please feel free to contact us whenever you think we can be of any assistance. We shall be more than delighted to hear from you,” the reply concluded.

In his initial letter M A Jalil said, “Dear customer care manager of Pak Suzuki, I have been a satisfied customer of your company for many years I bought a GS-150 motorcycle in 2008, its good standard induced me to buy a new model 2012 of it but unfortunately this time I have encountered numerous problems when I bought a new zero meter motor bike GS-150 of your company! It is with regret to inform you that your new GS-150 is below the expected standard and as well as defective!”

“Firstly, when I ride it to my way from showroom, it was punctured and punctured. A man told me that this puncture was done from inside the rim! I was shocked on the quality of its rim! Another shocking moment for me when I used the rear break – it was vibrated and taking jumps! Moreover, trouble in gear shifting! Handle alignment was out! Jumps were hard, no comfortable suspension as previous model has. I am sure that the same poor standard might be followed in engine standard and engine life may not be longer!”

“I have visited the Pak Suzuki service station at Akbar road Karachi. I was shocked that they do not have proper tools to align a motor bike handle! And even they do not have enough auto parts to change on demands! I am disappointed now with Pak Suzuki standards. Moreover, I wonder on Pak Suzuki quality assurance team, who can see these defective products come out for sale in the market? I am sure that many of Pak SUZUKI customers are facing the same problems but they do not record their complaints at international Suzuki platforms.”

“I request you to either replace this product with functioning new Japanese bike (a quality motorbike) or refund my money. I have never been let down by your products in the past and I look forward to your immediate action on this matter.” M A. Jalil concluded.

-Published on page#-20 & 21 in November-2012 issue of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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