July 27, 2012

EDB extends Import Authorization date


he Engineering Development Board has extended the Manufacturers / Assemblers’ validity date for Import Authorization on Provisional basis, up to 30th September, 2012, w.e.f. 1st July, 2012, to the extent of 25% of the quota allocated for the fiscal year 2011-12, which is up-loaded on the system. The PRAL has already been requested for extension in date and allocation of 25% of quota for the said period.

This Extension in lists of importable parts/components is issued under SRO 656(1)/2006 for the year 2011-12 for import of components for manufacture/ assemble of Automotive Vehicles, valid up to June 30, 2012 and continuation to EDB letter of even number dated June 27, 2012. The Assemblers are to provide all the requisite data /records for the fiscal year 2011-12, as already asked by EDB, within the specified time i.e. 15.08.2012 as per the conditions of SRO 656(1)/2006, so that their case for re-validation of quota for the next fiscal year could be processed accordingly.

It may be mentioned here that this is obligatory for the importer-cum-assembler or manufacturer of vehicles, operating under the regulatory regime of SRO 656(1)/2006, to maintain the records of inputs used for the assembly of vehicles during a year and submit the reconciliation of records to EDB on proforma as prescribed under Annex-B of the said SRO latest by August 15, 2012.

Non­compliance to condition of the SRO necessitates to conduction of audit in addition to suspension or non-revalidation of manufacturing certificates and list of importable components. In view of the above, the OEMs are advised to provide complete information pertaining to input records as per the requirements of the SRO 656(1)/2006 dated June 22, 2006 for each product vehicle separately latest by August 15, on the formats prescribed for imported components, locally manufactured inputs from vendors and in-house manufactured components (Hard & Soft copy) under Annex-B of SRO 656 (1)/2006 (Annex-A) along with the following additional informational documents:-
u Statement (Hard & Soft copy) containing month wise and product/model wise unit sold, sale price, total sales value, input tax, output tax, sale tax paid along with the hard copies of sales tax returns and payment challans (Annex-B).

> Copies of Bill of Entries for the imported input materials.

> Copies of delivery challans.

> List of local vendors with complete addresses, phone, fax, email. (Hard & Soft copy)

> List of importable components along with quantities purchased from commercial importer/ trader during the year 2011-12, if any on a separate sheet. (Hard & Soft copy)

According to Dy. General Manager (Tariff), EDB, data regarding Supply Invoices and Sales Tax Paid should commensurate with the quantities of the input components consumed during the year. The proforma should also be filled with details of the locally procured/ vendorized or manufactured in-house parts along with their quantities per unit to ensure, enlist and mention 100% input items used in manufacture any part of. “Nil” may be mentioned in case of no local content.

Engr. Khuda Bukhsh, DGM, EDB said in his letter that the above information may be provided complete in all respects. It may be noted that the revalidation of the Manufacturing Certificates and lists of importable components to be imported during 2012-13 shall be subject to the provision of complete input records (duly signed and stamped) as per conditions of the SRO, the letter added.

-Published on page#-11 in July-2012 issue of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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