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April 25, 2012

Plum Qingqi Motors Ltd., introduces all new product range of Automobile and Farm Machinery


Plum Qingqi Motors Ltd., the leading automobile manufacturer in Pakistan held a launching ceremony at its plant near Lahore and introduced new products including Commercial Vans, Electrical Bikes (Scooty) and Sports Bikes. It also launched Farm Machinery like Combined Harvester and Power Tiller.

Being customer oriented and progressive corporate institution, QINGQI always present innovative and modern technology to meet customer’s needs and to exceed market expectations. Qingqi always strive to be pioneer in providing cost effective, competitive quality and reliable solutions for its target segments.

“All QINGQI products carry vibrant features of competitive pricing, fuel efficiency, durability, low running and maintenance cost and comprehensive sales and after sales network in the whole country,” stated Mr. Wang Zihae CEO of Plum Qingqi Motors Ltd.

“We have the vision and plan to upgrade auto industry of Pakistan by transferring advance technologies to Pakistan and diversified designs through new models introduction in automobile and FARM Machinery industries. We visualize the breaking of status quo in the automobile market and providing multiple choices to the customers to be benefited from international standard products and facilities,” he added.

The Commercial VAN is introduced with brand name of DALONG which is a Brand of QINGQI GROUP in China. DALONG Lounge Van has tremendous features like ABS brake, EBD system, Dual A/C with five windows in rear passenger area, POWER STEERING , POWER WINDOWS in driver cabin, POWERFUL HEAD LIGHS WITH LED INDICATORS, Audio system with Mp3/radio, POWERFUL 5-Speed PETROL ENGINE AND SPACIOUS/LUXURY SEATING with SEAT BELTS. As compared to existing players in the van market DALONG LOUNGE has very economical price and complete warranty of 12 months/60000 KM. Moreover it has after sales service back up in all over Pakistan through already established network of PLUM QINGQI MOTORS.

Combined Harvester of QINGQI represents the decades of experience and research of China. As compared to other combined harvesters available in the market which are very expensive, old models and reconditioned, it is highly cost effective and equally feasible for harvesting wheat and rice crops. Its production capacity is 0.6 Acre to one Acre per hour along with fuel economy up to 4.8 litres per acre. Another excellent attribute of this combine harvester is the multiple utilization of already available tractors and saving of farmer’s investment. It can install on any 40 HP to 90 HP Tractor of any brand and after using it, can be dismantled easily and farmer can use the tractor for other purposes. No doubt, QINGQI COMBINE HARVESTOR is a complete and economical solution for harvesting, separation and storage of food stuff for major crops of rice and wheat.

QINGQI POWER TILLER is a marvelous machine regarding agriculture performance with 5 HP and 4Kw petrol engine. Although it is small in size but highly useful in the cultivation for orchards, gardens, nurseries and farm houses. It can be used for water fields crushing, deep tilling, land ditching and usage for plowing. It can be called a small tractor which can cultivate the land even in tunnels and on mountains and farmers can use it for all these operations at all odd places of land. Its working efficiency is 400 Sq. m per hour and fuel efficiency is 1 liter to 1.5 liter per hour. Qingqi Power tiller carries different type of blades according to the nature of work and its radius of gyration is 165 mm with speed of 3600 RPM.

QINGQI has also launched wonderful range of Electric Bikes (Scooty) in Pakistan recently. These E-bikes models are successfully running in China for more than last ten years and crossed tremendous sales of 10 million units per annum. Qingqi E-BIKES has operating cost of 12 paisas apprx per KM and covers up to 70 KM distance in one full charged battery. It has light weight even strong and durable body, pollution free and noiseless operations. It is very easy to drive especially for ladies and teenagers supplemented with safety and control by front disk brake, extra road grip by wider tyres and comfortable ride due to longer wheel base with flexible front and rear suspension system.

Qingqi E-bike is totally environment friendly product as there is no combustion of petroleum products. It provides total freedom from ever-increasing fuel and engine oil expenses. Due to its sharp turning radius and sleek shape, it can easily pass through narrow streets and congested traffic jams without hassle of engine heat up problem as its function is without gasoline engine and transmission system, instead it has electric motor of 500 Watt and a battery of 16 to 24 Ah with auto clutch system which make it almost a maintenance free machine. It is very popular in youth due to unique style, glamorous look and tremendous features and ideally designed for urban/sub-urban localities to move for markets, schools, offices etc.

QINGQI OFF-ROAD and TRAIL motorcycles range is highly appreciated and demanded by youth in Pakistan. These products have a big gap in the market and Qingqi has planned to fill this gap by providing bold designs, innovative features and higher level of safety standards. Qingqi TRAILS and OFF-ROAD RANGE is introduced in three models i.e., Qingqi PIONEER, Qingqi DH 150-G and Qingqi DT-150. These models have superior features of SELF START, DISK BRAKE, ALLOY RIMS, WIDER TYRES, POWDER COATED BODY, DOUBLE CRADLE PIPE FRAME, STRONG SUSPENSION, POWERFUL FR/RR LIGHTS and added fuel tank capacity. Display of speedometer is along with tachometer and fuel gauge. More over all products will be provided with complete warranty and after sales back-up.

-Published on pages # 16 & 17 in April-2012 issue of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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