April 20, 2012

Pakistan produces 1.6 million motorcycles: Aitazaz Niazi, CEO, Engineering Development Board

Launching of Super Power SP-70 cc Model 2012

M/s N.J Auto Industries (Pvt) Ltd, a Pirani Group company, that has a tradition to unveil its products with style and uniqueness, launched its Super Power 70 cc Model 2012 with grace and honor at PC Hotel Bhurban, Murree.

Mr. Aitazaz A. Niazi, CEO of Engineering Development Board graced the occasion as Chief Guest, a large number of notables including business community, Super Power dealers and management of Pirani Group were present at the ceremony.

Super Power SP-70 cc was launched in a very rich traditional style with lots of good wishes and prayers, The moment new model was unveiled to the participants, its new bright look, eye catching graphics, multi colored side winkers, dashing speed-o-meter and newly designed monogram grabbed the attention of all. Dealers’ confidence was boosted and their morale was touching heights after seeing such a presentable gift in the shape of new sparkling Super Power 2012 model.

Best performing dealers were rewarded in very professional manners and the new tradition set by Pirani Group to offer turbans to top dealers was repeated again, this time 3 top regional dealers were awarded in this traditional style of PunjabProvince.

Chief Guest Mr. Aitazaz A. Niazi thanked Chairman of Pirani Group and his staffers for paying great gesture and honor on this occasion. In his very comprehensive address he described the nature and process of EDB’s working and the efforts of himself and his staff that made it possible to ensure high quality products being offered to market and at the same time industry was growing despite many hurdles and uncertain economic conditions everywhere on the globe. He congratulated Pirani Group on the performance they showed in a very little time to shine their name among trusted business groups in the country. He urged Haji Younas Pirani and his group to excel further in other auto products as well; he showed confidence in the best quality of Super Power brand. Niazi regarded highly to the motorcycle manufacturers and vendors related to this industry and mentioned that growth in this sector not only helped the society with creating more jobs but also affected the buying power of an average customer in positive mode. He said that at present approx 1.6 million motorcycles being produced annually in Pakistan and he was confident that size of motorcycle market in the country will be doubled in coming years.

Chairman of Pirani Group Haji Muhammad Younas Pirani thanked Allah almighty for all kinds of blessings upon the group that despite very uncertain business environment his group was progressing steadily and with every passing day Super Power products gaining further liking of general customer.

Mr. Younas gladly claimed that he & his other business partners take the dealers, staffers and other related to the business as their family members and with growing sales the number of Sales, Service and Spare Parts dealers was also increasing rapidly therefore he feels Pirani family is transforming into a Pirani Tribe that has a presence all over the country. He very proudly announced a foreign trip as sales incentive to dealers and this announcement was taken by the house as a great gesture from the company and clapping by the dealers could not stop for a long time.

Pirani appreciated the support and performance of EDB in growth of Auto Sector in Pakistan especially the way Motorcycle industry has grown up in Pakistan, it was only made possible with the professional approach and valiant effort by EDB. He recalled the days when motorcycle prices were touching skies in early millennium but it was EDB that paved the way for new entrants and thus prices of motorcycles remained within the reach of customers who belong to middle & low income group.

Earlier, in his welcome speech Mr. Arsalan Pirani Finance Director of Pirani Group thanked all the participants and very especially to the chief guest for coming all the way to Bhurban to grace this important event of Pirani Group. He congratulated all the dealers and his company staff on putting all efforts to make very good sales of previous model and hoped that their efforts would continue for the new model which offers eye catching and useful features that makes Super Power altogether a different looking motorcycle.

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