December 26, 2011

Memon Motor celebrates decade of development

At the end of 2011 Memon Motor Pvt., Ltd., formerly known as Memon Associate Foundry completed its 10 years of motorcycle production and development. It was disclosed by Mr. Javeed Memon, Director MMPL at a ceremony for launching of Super Star Motorcycle new Model for 2012.

The event was largely attended by dignitaries, guests and representatives from MMPL including Dr. Naeem Memon, Director, MMPL, and Naveed Pirani, Executive of Pirani Group as well as Asif Chotani, from SAZ Enterprises.

Established in 2002 M/s Memon Motor Pvt. Ltd., exceeded the million units mark of motorcycle production within just 10 years. In addition to production of motorcycles for Pakistan market, the MMPL also began export of its products in 2008-09.

Initially the plant built all-new 70cc Super Star brand motorcycles. While currently MMPL assembles 100cc, 125cc motorcycles and S-707, 175cc 4-Stroke Auto Rickshaw, Farm Tractor, FAW Light Commercial Trucks in Hyderabad and 70cc Engine production in Hub Industrial area with the name of another subsidiary.

Among its locally produced models there is an auto rickshaw especially popular in local market as a high-quality and affordable product. Memon Motor has been positioned as one of the most important production operations in motorcycle business.

“Memon Motor is positioned as a core operation of Super Star motorcycle business and will further expand and advance to continue fulfilling this role. Let’s join the forces of all our associates here and accept the challenge on daily basis,” said Javeed Memon, Director, Memon Motor Pvt. Ltd.

More than ten years passed since Super Star started full-scale production of motorcycles. Our entry into the motorcycle industry was driven by management’s constant effort to develop new technologies. Over the years we released numerous new models that helped shape the market in 100cc, and in the process, created many enduring legends based on the speed and power of our machines, he said.

In 2011, MMPL sales totaled approximately near 0.1 million units. MMPL has been a leader in Chinese cum Pakistani motorcycle industry in its successful efforts to comply with country’s emissions regulations in Auto Rickshaw business. We will continue proactively adopting advanced environmental technologies to offer attractive products that fulfill the needs of our local customers as well as abroad, Javeed added.

The light commercial vehicle and farm tractor subsidiary plant was built in 2007 to demonstrate our commitment to the automobile business. With completion of 10 years as a company, we have to look back on last couple of years which had been very difficult due to overall economic situation in the country and its effect on entire economy. However, we look forward to future and optimistic for rebound in the Motorcycle industry as we focused our Management Plan for FY2011, that was “10 Years and Beyond, as a company.” MMPL again looks forward to increasing production in FY2012 in all segments, Mr. Javeed Memon, Director of MMPL, concluded.

The Milestone achieved by MMPL during last decade:

  • 2002: started local production of SUPER STAR SS-70 motorcycles.
  • 2006: declared as seller of the best Pakistani brand motorcycle.
  • 2007: started production of S-707, 175cc, 4-Stroke CNG Auto Rickshaw.
  • 2007: introduced 100cc motorcycle with technical support of LIFAN.
  • 2009: started 70cc engine local production in collaboration with M/s Pirani Engineering.
  • 2008: entered the export market with healthy volume export to Afghanistan.
  • 2009: SS-70 and SS-100 Motorcycles export to Bangladesh.
  • 2009: established Farm Tractor and Commercial vehicle manufacturing facility in new factory.
  • 2010: launched SS-125 DLX Motorcycle.
  • 2010: launched locally produced Farm tractor on behalf of M/s P.M. Auto Industries.
  • 2011: started sale of locally assembled FAW light commercial trucks
  • 2011: according to plan of expansion in product range introduced SS-125 Motorcycle.

-Published on page-13 & 14 December-2011 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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