September 23, 2011

Test Riding the GLINT100

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It didn’t strike me much when I first saw the GLINT100. I thought poorly of this totally black and ‘highlight-less’ motorcycle as I had seen many high-class motorcycles before. So, I didn’t expect much from it when I learned about that we were going to test riding it.

Lifan has always been producing high performance products, so this GLINT100 is no exception. In terms of its appearance, it has no ‘eye-catching’ features, but it does strike people as a simple and practical model. Its sectional body represents dynamic and fashion; its jaguar-shaped air deflector looks cool, and can greatly reduce wind resistance at high-speed travel. Its upturned tail adds a touch to its streamlined body, and makes steering easy. Its petrol tank does not look fancy, but is practical with a 12L volume to easily satisfy the need of long-distance travel.


The GLINT100 adopts a vertical 100cc single-cylinder OHC 2-valve engine. This engine is known as the ‘king of power’ in the industry, so we can imagine its power performance just by hearing this nickname. In terms of its braking performance, its front brake is the dual-pump big disc brake which reduces the braking response time at high-speed travel by 15% to 20% as shown by the test results. So this greatly improves the riding safety. Its superb quality tyres have great grip, accelerating, braking and turning performances.

As mounting the GLINT100, its 810mm high seat is just right to allow a comfortable and stretched riding position. This vehicle doesn’t have the electric-start system. This anti-fashion design is acceptable once you get used to not having the electric-start. On one hand, it reduces production cost; on the other hand, it brings back the ‘kick-start’ experience again. And the engine can always be started just by one kick. Its engine is quiet and agile once it’s started; its grunting sound gives us the impression that it’s saving up energy for an explosion. It dashes out quickly like a small horse when the first gear is applied with a little twist of its throttle. High torque at low revolution is the advantage of this motorcycle.

It reached 50km/h just after one act of gear shift and acceleration. Such great performance for a 100cc motorcycle is rare. Its maximum speed is 90km/h. Although it didn’t quite satisfy me, its performance was good enough to meet the practical needs of consumers. After all, it’s not a large displacement street racing bike which is designed for speed.

The performance of its front and rear braking systems show the mature quality of this product. Although it’s a brand new motorcycle, the sensitive response of its front brake astonished me. I gave the front brake a slight squeeze at 40km/h, the bike stopped right there. I suggest riders not to apply its front brake too hard. The performance of its rear drum brake was not quite as sensitive but was still good enough. Skilled control over its front and rear brakes will allow you stop whenever and wherever you want to stop.

In terms of its maneuverability, the performance of GLINT100 was good enough. The factory improved the angles of its handlebar, seat and footrests to provide a comfortable riding position. The sense of comfortableness also comes from the vibration of its body. Its vibration can hardly be felt when the vehicle is traveling at a speed lower than 30km/h. The vibration can only be felt when the speed reaches 60km/h. The shock-resistant vehicle frame can effectively reduce the resonance frequency of the frame and engine, and the foamy high density shock-absorbing seat also absorbs some vibration. I didn’t have numb legs or arms after the two hours test riding.

Judging from all its performance, it’s clear to see that priority is given to its practical features of this GLINT100. The fact that it has no high-end equipments and no fancy appearance doesn’t mean that it cannot provide comfortableness for its rider. Motorcycle fans do not have to place high demands on it. You will believe that this is an outstanding and well-designed product once you get to know its practical features.

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-Published on pages# 9 & 10 September 2011 issue of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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