May 25, 2011

LONCIN A top Brand Engine

To Pakistani Motorcycle Manufacturers, Loncin is no longer a stranger idea, as Loncin has moved forward together with them for a decade. During such a decade, Loncin’s partners were becoming more and more booming and flourishing. As the motorcycle industry in Pakistan goes thriving and prosperous in days, Loncin is also coming into his glories, which is fully presented by WIN-WIN model in Loncin’s value.

Currently, a lot of competitors are rushing into motorcycle market, including some small-scaled manufacturers, traders as well as distributors, competitions becoming more and more furious. All of them declare they provide the best quality products, but the prices are unreasonable low. Such destructive price rival completely knocks the orders down, turning market into chaos. If local manufacturers can not select a responsible supplier, they will slump themselves into a disturbing situation, finally leading increasing complaints from consumers, which turns out to be damaging and internecine to every motorcycle manufacturer.

As it known, the engine is the core technology of motorcycle. Only a perfectly performing engine can constantly drive a motorcycle in the best condition. Due to some special reasons, the 78cc motorcycle becomes the mainstream in Pakistan market, and the question is how to make this old engine model satisfy Pakistani consumers’ needs well with convenience and utilities. That is what Loncin people keep thinking and innovating in the past decade. Considering the local weather condition, road conditions, purchasing power as well as using habit of the local people, Loncin has innovated 78cc engine in more than 30 points. In current Pakistan market, Loncin’s engine is superb to that of the any other else manufacturers from China, in power, torque, fuel consumption, noise and endurance.

Well then, how can Loncin survive and always keep leadership in the field during severe competition, maintaining increasing every year? The reason is that we are quality-oriented all the time, winning customers and obtaining market by our trustful quality products. According to the reality and history experience, any business related to manufacturing products takes its market portion only by the reliable quality but not the price rival. As Loncin believes, by keeping quality-oriented value, in the near future, Loncin will excel any other else Chinese motorcycle manufacturers, and rival with the top enterprises from Europe, America and Japan.

Tracing Loncin’s development history in Pakistan, from annual exporting amount less than 10,000 units 10 years before, to right now more than 250,000 units per year, Loncin now takes 1/3 of the exporting amount from China to Pakistan. Nowadays, Loncin has set up and strengthened strategic partnerships with 18 local manufacturers in Pakistan. We are committed to our partners, constantly supplying first-class products, providing outstanding after-sale service, prompt our customers in pleasant atmosphere and welcome our new friends to join in Loncin family.

At present, Loncin’s engine and motorcycle products have been sold to more than 120 different countries and zones around the world. By creating value of 250 million dollars in 2010, Loncin is keeping its leadership in Chinese motorcycle industry, with annual turnover of 3 million engines and 2.8 million motorcycles. In the past 6 years, Loncin cooperated with BMW as its engine supplier, selling engines to European market and won great appraises from BWM and its consumers. Loncin’s self-developed racing motorcycle is competing in the impetuous and exciting GP race, presented as Loncin Speed. As sales scale enlarged and productivity increasing, Loncin’s new industrial park, that is biggest motorcycle manufacturing base, is coming into use. With first-class management, intelligent employees and the most advanced equipments, Loncin can ensure all the products in the highest quality.

Hereby, Loncin is highly appreciating the trust and support extended by our Pakistani partners in the long run, and our progress is connected to your cares. Loncin here is sincerely inviting Pakistani friends to visit our company, coming to see Loncin’s changes as we hand in hand, and joining us in our big family. Let us come together and learn from each other, reaching mutual understanding and win-win benefits. You will know that to find a good business partner is as easy as you see.

-Published on page#9 May-2011 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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