March 17, 2011

PLUM QINGQI MOTORS LTD – The leading automobile company achieves new milestones by exploring new markets Qingqi Exports to Bangladesh

Plum Qingqi Motors Ltd. Pakistan has entered the export market by sending its first commercial consignment to Bangladesh. The Company also signed Technical Collaboration agreement there for transfer of technology. Initially it has dispatched the vehicles in SKD condition with same quality standard as similar weather and driving conditions in Pakistan also prevail in Bangladesh.

Plum Qingqi Motors Limited (PQML) formerly known as Saigols Qingqi Motors Limited is the flagship of Pak China Friendship. It was a first joint venture in motor industry between Pakistan and China. Plum Qingqi always making efforts towards strengthening the friendship between Pakistan and China.

PQML came into being in 1994 through a joint venture between Pakistan & China Qingqi Group (CQG) of China, with the sole objective to provide vehicles for everyone at affordable price.

QINGQI brand is pioneer of automobile (2-wheeler & 3-wheeler etc.) with Advance Chinese Technology in Pakistan. Initially QINGQI started production of 100cc 2-stroke motorcycle. In 1998 launched 3-wheeler motorcycle rickshaw with 2-stroke 100cc engine. Afterward producing 4-stroke motorcycles 100cc & 70cc, 100cc 4-stroke motorcycle rickshaw & 4-stroke 150cc Auto rickshaw & loading carrier with different loading capacities. QINGQI products are designed, developed & manufactured within the country.

The equity is split in the stake ratio of 51:49 among China Qingqi Group and Plum (Pvt) Ltd respectively. It is public Limited (unlisted) company and total initial investment in PQML stood at USD 12 Million. The factory covers an area of 14 acres with a production hall of 100,000 sq ft. near Lahore.

PQML has a total strength of more than 200 persons, without gender difference. Company has hired highly qualified Engineers, Diploma Holders (DAE, Mechanical, Electrical, and Automobile) & Experienced employees to carry its production, development, and designing the products. The Company’s Sales, Service & Parts Network has 180 Sales Dealers, 311 Spare Parts Dealers, 82 Warranty Dealer, 48 Sub Warranty Dealer, 526 Service Dealers and 732 General Mechanics nationwide.

It has got the Approvals & Licences from EDB (Engineering Development Board Govt. of Pakistan), PSQCA (Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority),  Noise level Test Certificate, Emissions Test Certificate, Body Manufacturing License, Trade Mark Registration, ISO 9001 Certification and SMEDA registration.

PQML is the largest manufacturer of 3-wheelers which are providing source of living for thousands of families through employment. It has a vast Vendors Network, Dealer’s Network & after Sales Service Network where thousands of persons are engaged directly and indirectly to find proper opportunities for earning.

The main aim of the Company is to provide cheaper source of public transport & material handling. Being market leader, it is continually evolving, responding, defining new boundaries & creating new horizons. They are exploring different areas for export. Therefore, its popularity is increasing because of excellent quality & reasonable price.

Before introduction of 3-Wheeler, QINGQI  got principal approval in 1998 when Prime Minister of Pakistan visited China and attended presentation of CQG chairman to replace Horse Tonga with motorcycle rickshaw in Pakistan. It was approved by cabinet committee of investment, Engineering Development Board and recognized by SMEDA. Approved by Board of Investment and included in Prime Minster transportation scheme and also included in President’s Rozgar scheme.

The Company is determined to play its role in Pakistan’s development & future strengthening of Sino-Pak relations. Its devotion to country’s success can be seen in Qingqi vehicles in every corner of the country. The company can contribute a lot towards Pakistan’s economy in future with its high potential.

The Company’s Products’ Models include; 4-stroke 100cc 3-wheeler (new edition Model), 4-Stroke 100cc 3-wheeler (Millennium Plus Model), 4-Stroke 200cc Auto rickshaw with CNG, 4-Stroke 150cc Shuttle, 4-Stroke 100cc Standard cabin, 4-Stroke 100cc Loading trolley, 4-Stroke 100cc Motorcycle, and 4-Stroke 70cc Motorcycle.

QINGQI  is determined to assume its role to improve the transportation, poverty alleviation, and improvement in the environment. It has also fixed its target to resolve; Transportation Problems like shortage of passenger buses, high cost of traveling due to ever increasing fuel rates, Pollution emitting vehicles, Pollution emitting 2-stroke auto rickshaw of 1950 technology, Pollution emitting slow moving horse tongas for short distance traveling passengers, Pollution emitting and slow moving donkey carts for goods carriage.

To reduce pollution through QINGQI 4-stroke CNG rickshaw, PQML introduced state of art 200CC 4-stroke Self start engine auto rikshaw, with reverse gear, propeller shaft driven power train, engine water cooling system, CNG cylinder mounted at rear, Front suspension with double shock absorber, Differential mechanism, Hydraulic brakes for effective braking, Maximum indigenized and extra saving by fuel economy.

It may be mentioned here that general public have accepted the Qingqi products due to; Good quality, Affordable price, Service available all over the country, Fuel efficiency & Low maintenance cost. These products were made inland and spare parts available, special design for native demand, Environment friendly and carry 50 years international experience of  manufacturing.

According to experts Qingqi’s Strength are its products, assembled by engineers, imported sheet for fabrication, and manufactured as per PSQCA Standards. QINGQI 3-wheelers are also available with CNG, Registered as 3w, while other  motorcycle rikshaws registered as motorcycles(2-wheeler) and pay registration fee once in life time. Qingqi motorcycle rickshaw owner pays tax as commercial transport vehicle, gets fitness certificate, route permit and pay all govt. taxes and contribute in betterment of country’s economy.              -Staff Correspondent

-Published on page#19-20 March-2011 edition of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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