November 29, 2009

RAVI Hamsafar-70 & Premium R1 be first in Pakistan Motorcycle Industry

RAVI has been at the forefront of bringing a revolution in the way commuting was being done way back in the 2004 beginning with launching a simple motorbike RA-70 for lower middle class in Pakistan. In 2008 with the launching of 2 new bikes in a day (first time in the history of motorcycle industry in Pakistan), RAVI set itself on the path of innovation un-matched by its competitors.

Automobile Pollution and EURO II Emission Standards

Pakistan is our home. We love our home and we should realize that we must contribute to beautify our country. We need “Clean and Green Pakistan”. Annual rate of increase in the number of vehicles especially motorbikes is 24%. As a result of this, very soon the atmospheric pollution will become un bearable in the urban areas.

This is the reason it has become such an important subject worldwide as well as in Pakistan and we need to take measures, in line with international community, to address this grave situation. The atmospheric pollution has a harmful effect on human health. In urban areas the motor vehicles are major contributors of CARBON MONOXIDE, NITROGEN OXIDE, HYDROCARBONS and SULPHER (from diesel vehicles). These un measured exhaust emissions are a direct threat to the nation’s health. These emission gases penetrate in human blood and can be a source of diseases like; skin allergy, head aches, upper respiratory infections, and even cancers. It also affects mental faculties.

Having realized its responsibility, RAVI has put its products (motorcycles) through Research & Development and AL HAMDO LILLAH today our all 3 products have achieved EURO II emission standards. The Government of Pakistan has issued urban and rural driving cycle modes and standards for EURO II which has been compared with standards/results of RAVI motorcycles authenticating RAVI’s conformity to the Government standards.


All 3 RAVI motorcycles qualify the EURO II emission tests being conducted at source. It is important that the emission controlling systems in the automobiles be understood by the common man.

In petrol engines there are few methods to achieve these EURO emission standards; the electronically controlled fuel injection, the injection of OXYGEN (fresh air) in exhaust manifold, the catalysts converters placed in exhaust system and in small engines with the best synchronization of carburetor and air intake system. RAVI has adopted 2 systems; in 125cc by inserting an emission control unit for injecting fresh air in exhaust manifold and in 72cc we achieved emission standards with the new carburetor, modify air intake and intake manifold.

With these changes RAVI has taken a step in giving a technological advantage to the industry and the buyers of motorcycles.  Our RAVI – PIAGGIO “Storm 125” is giving 60 KPL (Petrol Consumption) and 70cc, after this invention has jumped to 80 KPL. Having achieved these standards, we are now competing with the international brands and we are proud of this.

In achieving these goals we are grateful to the RAVI management for such forward looking vision. We are also indebted to our dedicated and hard working teams looking after R&D, manufacturing, production and marketing.

-Published on pages# 8 & 9 in November-2009 issue of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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