July 25, 2009

UNIQUE – A top selling brand


nique achieved Number One selling brand position during fiscal year 2008-09 among Chinese origin local assembled motorcycles in Pakistan. The Company produced 64,895 motorcycles in the year, another milestone in the history. The highest production in a single month was recorded 8,674 units in June-2009.

Similarly, it achieved another top selling postion in the biggest city of the country Karachi, where its registration figure was recorded at 20,108 units during July 08-June 09 out of total registered number of 77,934 units during the year. In a way Unique was sold about 100 percent more than its next contender which was at second position with sale of 10,196 units overall. Hence Unique is known as national brand of Pakistan.

Inspired from this success, M/s D.S. Motor, the manufacturer of Unique has launched a new model of UD-125 for local market. Production of 125cc motorcycles was started by the Company in January-2008, and it has been produced quite successfully. Best performance and low price makes it a good option for buyers in the country.

Unique UD-125 is a commuter bike, an original kick start. The bike is powered by 125cc engine based on Lifan patent. This is fuel efficient, 4-stroke, overhead valve single cylinder engine capable of generating 11-horse power. This is all-purpose bike with a top speed of around 105 Km/h. UD-125 is cheaper to build and easier to maintain. Comfortable to ride and wonderfully versatile, Light maneuverable and responsive – perfect for commuting, the price has really made competition tough.

UD-125 has put people on two wheels with dependable performance and exceptional economy, running for years on end with minimal extra investment of time or money. The company provides after-sales service throughout the country by its dealership which is an active service network all over Pakistan.

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