March 20, 2009

UNIQUE A Symbol of Quality

A new model of “UNIQUE” UD-70 CDI Motorcycle was launched in Hyderabad on February 21, 2009. Naveed Qamar, Federal Minister for Privatization was the chief guest of the launching ceremony. During year 2008 Unique had topped in Karachi by way of registration statistics among 53 different brands of motorcycles from all over the country.

The list is already published in MOBILE WORLD January 2009 issue which shows 19,676 units of Unique Motorcycle leaving behind its next competitor at 15,609 out of total number of 83,060 units registered during January to December 2008. This is called the versatility of UNIQUE.

Unique is one of the best selling motorcycles in the country with an unmatched reputation in a very short time of its existence for high quality, reliability and after-sales-service.

D.S. Motors, the Assembler of UNIQUE Brand, was established in 2004. The factory was installed for assembling and manufacturing Motorcycle and Loading Van under brand name “UNIQUE”. Whereas, in the second phase of production, they have started exporting 4 Stroke Loading Van, with 173.52cc engine to neighboring countries. The Company is manufacturing and marketing 70cc and 125cc 4-stroke, CDI system motorbikes under the brand name ‘Unique UD 70’, ‘Unique UD 125’, ‘Unique 100cc’, ‘Unique Three Wheeler CNG Auto Rickshaw’, ‘Unique Three Wheeler CNG Loader’ and ‘Unique Three Wheeler Motorcycle Rickshaw Petrol/ CNG.

This is a high performance, elegant and economical auto machine. The product, though in its ‘Introduction’ state of Product Life Cycle, has already become fourth highest selling motorcycle in Pakistan. The factory is organized under modern technique and management system. A hierarchy has been established starting from Chassis Manufacturing-engine assembling-coloring-laboratory testing-machining up to the final PDI section.

They have acquired the services of highly qualified personnel and high ranked professionals to boost up the progress of factory. They have appointed technical and skilled workers as labor, whereas each worker possesses the required technical education against his job specification.

Research and Development Section is working day and night for enhancement of technology. It is due to the continuous struggle of its team that they are successful to develop and design the 70cc four strokes Motorcycle and Loading van under brand name UNIQUE.

Main Objective is to provide economical transportation facilities to common people, keeping in view the prices of petroleum products, which are enhancing day by day, and the cost of old branded auto vehicles getting higher; they are providing good quality vehicles in affordable prices to their customer.

D.S. Motors has undertaken to develop local manufacturing capabilities to the highest, economically feasible level. To improve and support production facilities the company has established an R&D Wing and tool making facilities which are growing rapidly in size and function as the company is expanding with range of products.

D.S. Motors’ management is striving to modernize company operations by adopting applicable aspects of research and theory. Therefore, Company management structure, systems and processes are being implemented according to demand of the customers, growth and new technology. The Company training and development programs encourage all members to develop themselves and contribute their full potential.

It is playing a pioneer role in creating conditions for easy and confident use of motorcycles all over the country. A vast and growing network of over 48 motorcycles Sales, Service and Spare parts Dealers has been established. In order to back up the after-sales support system to major rural and urban centers around the country.

Their Vision is to become a dynamic, profitable and growth oriented company through market leadership, maximizing export and excellence in quality and service; to ensure attractive returns to equity holders; reward employees according to their ability and performance; to foster a network of researchers and engineers ensuring unique contributions to development of the industry; customer satisfaction and protection of the environment producing emission friendly green products and to remain a good corporate citizen fulfilling its social responsibilities in all respects.

They wish to be a Market Leader in the motorcycle industry, emerging as a globally competitive center of production and exports. They are targeting mass population to fulfill needs of transportation in the affordable price range with best possible quality.

A vast and growing network of over 100 motorcycles Sales, Service and Spare parts Dealers will be established. In order to back up this system, D.S. Motors set up Technical Support Center, which provides several courses of varying duration and complexity for motorcycle mechanics and users each year. Mobile training facilities take the latest know-how, technology and maintenance of motorcycles to major rural and urban centers around the country.

Its range of Products include; UD-70cc, UD-100cc, UD-125cc, Unique Three Wheeler CNG Auto Rickshaw 175/200cc, Unique Three Wheeler CNG Auto Loader 200cc, Unique Three Wheeler Motorcycle Rickshaw Petrol/ CNG, and Unique Three Wheeler CNG Six Seated School Van 200cc.

For Export marketing D.S. Motors established standard goals for supporting national economy with help of producing mechanical units for the neighboring countries. For this purpose they have made relationship chains in buyers of Sri Lanka, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and Bangladesh for Loading Vans.

D.S. Motors has established a nationwide network for the sales and support of products, for providing availability and technical assistance throughout the country. The cities where they have sales, strong backup and support system are given below:

Network in Sindh
Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Qazi Ahmed, Tando Muhammad Khan, Sakrand, Tando Bagho, Larkana, Khipro, Badin, Nawabshah, Jacobabad, Thatta, Mirpurkhas, Talhaar, and Tando Allah Yaar.

Network in Punjab
Lahore, Bhawalpur, Dera Ghazi Khan, Jampur, Jhung, Chniyot, Depal Pur, Shaur Kot and Faislabad.

Network in NWFP
Mardaan and Dera Ismail Khan

Network in Balochistan
Quetta and Lora Lai

-Published in March-2009 issue of MOBILE WORLD Magazine



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