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February 27, 2009

Plum Qingqi Motors Ltd., “For Better Life”



ince the evolution of life from Stone Age to today’s fast paced modern life, mankind is striving for better and better quality of life. “Qingqi has played a pivotal role to up-lift the standard of living for masses in Pakistan”. Plum Qingqi Motors Ltd first joint venture of China in automobile sector of Pakistan, now presents Qingqi CD100ccQ “Elite” Model 2009, proud of having introduced Pakistan’s first 100cc 4-Stroke Motorcycle. A perfect combination of Power, Economy, and Performance along with thickly populated after Sales, Service Network. Qingqi CD100ccQ “Elite” has a proven track record of efficiency on rough terrain in rural area as well as sharp steeps and long distances in metropolitan cities. When common man could never thought of buying brand new motorcycle, Qingqi realized this great need and introduced for the first time 100cc 4-Stroke motorcycle in Pakistan. Qingqi motorcycles have all the qualities a common man aspire for including low price, fuel economy, strength, durability and easy spare parts availability. It was a dream fulfilled.

China-Pakistan friendship is proverbial and well known all over the world. Be it “all weather friendship” or “friendship higher than Himalayas and deeper than Indian Ocean” there is no denying the existence of this great relationship. There is however, another friendship flowing out of this relationship which is though younger in age and not as well known as its parent relationship is very deeply entrenched. This friendship is “The friendship between QINGQI and poor people of Pakistan” which really has become a love affair.


Since 1997 when Qingqi motorcycle rickshaws were first lunched in Pakistan this friendship is gaining strength with the passage of time and as the number of products introduced by Qingqi increased so did this bond of friendship.

Pakistan being a developing country in beset with typical problem of a developing state, mother of all problems being poverty.

Plum Qingqi Motors Ltd being the first and biggest Chinese investment in private sector in Pakistan was aware of this situation when it decided to introduce affordable means of transportation in the country to cater to the needs of a big population. At that time (1997) horse driven tongas were the transport of the poor, which although a very slow moving vehicle of transport, unhygienic and full of pollution was the only option available for that section of the population due to paucity of public transport. Federal Government of that time approved the project of replacement of Tongas with Qingqi motorcycle rickshaws. This marked the entry of Qingqi 3-Wheeler in Pakistan. This product very soon caught the imagination of poor and in a very short period of time it replaced Tongas in the cities and after lapse of some time it did the same in rural areas. Qingqi became a household name and due to its popularity some people tried to replicate it illegally but they cold not get the fame of Qingqi and “Qingqi” become a brand name for motorcycle rickshaw in Pakistan.

Although Qingqi 3-Wheelers of different kinds may appear to be only a means of transportation but these products infact are making important contribution in the areas of business, environment, education as well as health in addition to transportation.


Qingqi 3-Wheeelers generate multiple benefits for poor section of the population. For passengers who either don’t have sufficient means to avail high priced transport taxis or have to wait for hours for buses/vans these vehicles (3-Wheelers) have come as a great relief in the form of saving of money and time and for drivers of 3-Wheelers it is a source of employment to earn livelihood either through purchase or getting these vehicles on rent. In any case it is of great help for the poorest of poor.


Plum Qingqi Motors Ltd the makers of Qingqi rickshaws after success of Qingqi motorcycle rickshaw for passengers decided to introduce goods carrier in the form of “Open Trolly” & “Close Container”. This facilitated people who could not afford high priced four wheeled goods carriers to earn their livelihood. These products were very well received in big cities and industrial zones. These carriers are being used for goods transportation of items like electronic goods of lighter weight, fruits, vegetables, pieces of cloth, confectionary and many other, while postal department use customized close containers for distribution of letters, parcels etc, and pharmaceuticals used it for distribution of medicine. In some areas utilities e.g. WAPDA use it for repairing and service in densely populated and congested areas.


The menace of pollution is spreading at an alarming speed therefore keeping in view the policies of the Government of Pakistan as well considering its social responsibility as it did in the shape of elimination of tongas, Plum Qingqi Motors Ltd decided to cooperate with the federal and provincial Governments in replacing 2-Stroke auto rickshaw with 4-Stroke (CNG) auto rickshaw which is environment friendly. It may be mentioned here that while motorcycle rickshaw is a means of transportation for individual passengers this product was for families/single passenger as it is a  three seater vehicle in comparison to motorcycle rickshaw which is six seater.


In cities as well as villages Qingqi passenger rickshaws are being used by students for going to school and coming back due to non-availability or high cost of other means of transport. People with average economic status use monthly hired van for a group of 15-20 students for this purpose and pay up to Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 2000/- per child keeping in view the distance of school from the home of the students. The same facility is provided by a Qingqi motorcycle rickshaw on payment of Rs. 500/- to Rs. 700/- per child for carrying 6-8 students. This while providing help to parents for facilitating education of children is a new source of income for the drivers, whereby they get a fixed additional amount of money every month.


In far off villages of Sindh, Punjab and NWFP where medical facilities are located at long distances and other modes of transport are not available, Qingqi rickshaws are the only mode of transportation for carrying patients to the hospitals. This is a great service provided through Qingqi motorcycle rickshaw for saving the lives of poor for which these 3-Wheelers are looked upon as saviors.

Poverty Alleviation

The mother of all problems being poverty Qingqi is playing a very important role in reducing the poverty level through its products. Qingqi’s role in poverty alleviation in Pakistan has been well recognized and Rozgar Scheme introduced through National Bank of Pakistan in which Plum Qingqi Motors Ltd was the pioneer and biggest partner in the manifestation of this recognition. During the last visit of President Hu Jin Tao of Peoples Republic of China an agreement was signed between National Bank of Pakistan and Plum Qingqi Motors Ltd for the supply of Qingqi products through financing by National Bank of Pakistan in the presence of Presidents of the both the countries and was one of the fifteen agreements signed by the two countries. More than 26000 products have been supplied by Plum Qingqi motors Ltd so far. This scheme has helped in providing livelihood to millions of people thus helping the effort of reducing poverty. National Bank of Pakistan’s role in designing & implementing the scheme and helping out Pakistan poor people will always be remembered like Gramin Bank of Bangladesh.

Grand Trunk (GT) road which is the oldest & longest high way in South Asia and runs through Pakistan gives a glimpse of Qingqi’s popularity as Qingqi rickshaws can be seen all over the road from Lahore to Peshawar. Qingqi network also exists between another G & T i.e. Gawadar in south to Tank in the north. Be it deserts of Sindh or Baluchistan, plains of Punjab or hilly areas of NWFP, Qingqi is popular with poor. It is this friendship which is a live manifestation of China-Pakistan friendship. While in Punjab the slogan is “QINGQI SUB TON CHUNGI” (Qingqi is the best) in NWFP it is “QINGQI RAGLA KHUSHALY RAGLA” (Qingqi brings prosperity) Plum Qingqi Motors Ltd’s role in promoting China-Pakistan friendship by developing an enduring relationship with the people of Pakistan through its products is of utmost importance for both the countries and should be given more impetus in the times to come.

Cultural impact of Qingqi

Qingqi products have impacted greatly the lives of downtrodden, lower middle class and the middle class population of Pakistan. Motorcycle rickshaws for individual passengers brought a relief to downtrodden and lower middle class in the form of faster, cheaper, pollution free and comfortable means of transportation as compared to using slow moving tongas, high priced taxis or time consuming, congested and smoke emitting busses/vagons. For the drivers of these vehicles conversion from tongawallas to drivers/pilots brought about an economic, social & psychological change in their mental setup in addition to safe guarding their health.

For families affordable Qingqi motorcycles motivated lower middle class population to make a change over from bicycle to motorcycle, thus upgrading their social status. Similarly Qingqi 4-Stroke (CNG) auto rickshaws provided a relief to this segment by making a comfortable alternate available to the old 2-Stroke smoke & high noise emitting 2-Stroke auto rickshaws. The driver of these vehicles have now a better mental outlook & security from pollution hazards & more income due to lower running cost of CNG.

Doing business in Pakistan was considered to be the domain of only the rich and the privileged but, Qingqi changed this notion. Qingqi’s goods carriers in the form of close containers & Open trolleys gave rise to a new business class from the lower middle & middle class. Instead of having to rely on very high priced 4-Wheelers for goods carriage these affordable products were in the reach of this segment of population by spending an amount less than 1/5th of what is required for 4-wheeled goods carriers. These 21st century Pakistan’s Businessmen have created a new niche & brought about a big change in the economic & social landscape of Pakistan. No doubt, “Qingqi” is “FOR BETTER LIFE”

-Published on pages# 8,9,10,11 in February-2009 issue of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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