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December 24, 2005

Need of Auto Training Centers


There is dire need to establish some authentic and useful education, training institutions in automotive sector for motivation and attraction of our youth towards this basic industry. On the very frontline of the automobile industry a vital position between the customers and the products exists. Most of the leading companies in developed world are working all the time to improve their skills and build strong relationships with each and every customer. They have established Technical Academies towards the serviceman training program created with a purpose of establishing their standard to ensure that customers all over the world can always receive the same high-level quality service at any dealership through education based on world-unified texts, curriculum, qualification and certification standards. To help ensure the spread of this educational program, a global system of training centers has been established in Europe, America, Asia and various other regions in the world. The main activities involved in the serviceman training program include; creating an education/ training network based at main distributorships, training of service instructors, and holding of service contests at the national and regional levels. The latest example of this venture was the “World Technician Grand Prix” held by one of the Japanese automotive companies. They called about two dozen contestants from 23 countries involved, who had qualified for the final. The categories contested over the two days of competition included customer reception/ handling skills, a written test, troubleshooting and repair on actual vehicles. In this competition, the contestants had to find the problem with a machine, repair it and then confirm the success of the repair job in test run and finally prepare the vehicle for return to the customer. It had been a high-level competition worthy of the world final, where awards were presented to the winners. If we follow such examples and create awareness among our motor mechanics in a well organized system of educational and training institutions, we could get rid of the prevailing roadside self-styled auto-mechanics who often learn skill after destroying and damaging various client vehicles without taking any responsibility.

 -Published on page#-6 December-2005 issue of MOBILE WORLD Magazine


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