September 21, 2005

Hero Rusi Tractor to be launched in November

A new entrant in the field of Tractor Manufacturing M/s. Hero Motors Limited, Hyderabad has established its plant under the trade name of “HERO RUSI” a Russian franchise with Belarus Engine. This project besides increasing the economic activities of Hyderabad will provide job opportunities to about 2,000 people.

The plant on completion will have an investment of about Rs.350 million and will start production in November/ December 2005. Hero Motors Limited has signed an MOU with Minsk Motors Plant Belarus (Russia) for technical assistance for manufacturing of Hero Rusi Belarus Engine at Hyderabad.

A Company spokesman said they had applied for approval of deletion program with EDB on 4th June 2005 before announcement of Government Scheme for the duty free import of 2,500 Tractors by new entrants. Minsk Motor Plant Belarus will supply the parts and accessories for the manufacture / assembly of Engines for tractors. It may be mentioned here that prior to disintegration of USSR there were seven plants manufacturing tractors in USSR with Belarus engine. Three of them were in Ukraine, two in Russia, one in Kyrgyzstan and one in Belarus.

The spokesman said Hyderabad being ignored in the past is now emerging as an industrial city with the strenuous efforts of Fateh Group. However, some traders of tractors with their personal interest do not want that Belarus tractors be manufactured in Pakistan. This will fail their tractor trade as the tractors manufactured in Pakistan would be about 30% cheaper than what they were presently selling in the market.

“The locally manufactured tractors with Belarus engine will not only save valuable foreign exchange of the country but farmers will get cheap tractors in ready stock. We are not blaming anyone but just clarifying our position in view of some news published in newspapers by some tractor traders for their personal interest and to confuse the government for allowing us to import 2,500 duty free tractors as we fully qualify on merit under the above scheme,” spokesman added.

-Published on pages#-26 September-2005 issue of MOBILE WORLD Magazine

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