February 24, 2005

Exclusive Survey on AUTMEX-2005 Exhibition


MOBILE WORLD Magazine the official media partner for AUTMEX-2005

  • In your opinion what was the general response to the AUTMEX Exhibition?
  • Did you ever participate in any auto show in the country or abroad? Give details.
  • What is the importance of such events for new comers or participants in the Automobile Industry?
  • Did you face any hurdle/ problems in AUTMEX Show? What were those? Please explain.
  • Are you satisfied with the results / out come of AUTMEX? Please highlight.
  • Would you like to participate in such shows in future as an Exhibitor/ Visitor, being held in Pakistan or aboard? Why?
  • What is the role of Media, for promotion of such shows and Automobile Industry in the country?
  • Do you have any suggestions / proposals? Please explain.

It was Excellent
Muhammad Sabir Shaikh, Chief Executive Officer, Sitara Auto Impex, Karachi.


  • Very good. During the first two days so many corporate visitors such as vendors, motorcycle assemblers, dealers, importers and workshop holders visited our stall and the exhibition.
  • Yes, we have participated some events in Pakistan and in China but the exhibition which is only for automobiles; participation in this show was our new experience.
  • It provides the platform to meet corporate visitors and showcase of our products to market and also to the general public.
  • No. We did not feel any problem/hurdle.
  • Yes, we are satisfied with the results of Autmex and after Eid we are getting strong response from the general public and some institutions.
  • Yes, we would like to participate in events like this in future too whether abroad or in Pakistan. But Pakistani organizers must understand that if they want to support Pakistani companies, they should charge low rates form the participants of the exhibitions / shows.
  • So far very discouraging. Only “MOBILE WORLD” is very co-operative and supporting.
  • For the promotion of automobile industry in Pakistan, Mobile World is doing very well. We are always with you and please don’t bother about negative forces.

 It creates awareness
Mohammad Ali, General Manager, Fateh Motors Limited, Hyderabad.

  • The general response was good by all the automobile manufacturing companies the awareness came to people & people always appreciate a change and they like exhibition of automobiles.
  • Yes, we have participated in the auto shows. We also participated in an exhibition in Expo center last year.
  • The events of this kind have an importance because of the promotion in the sales and this type of events help in promotion of any product.
  • No, we didn’t face any problem in the Autmex Exhibition.
  • Yes, we are satisfied because our brand “Hero” performed an important role in the Exhibition, and it was a promotional activity.
  • Yes, we would like to participate in future as well.
  • Media plays an important role because media can make the shows popular among the people.
  • Yes, there were few weaknesses; if these will be avoided in future then it will be very effective. The general public was not allowed in the Exhibition to visit and see. They must be allowed so that there should be more awareness & popularity of the product.

A very positive effort
Haroon Arshad, Chief Executive Officer, H.K.F. Engineering, Lahore. 

  • A very positive effort to bring the local industry to direct exposure with the customer base in Pakistan. End consumer had a chance to compare different brands and models being manufactured in different parts of the country, under one roof. As an assembler, it gave us a comparative analysis within a short span of three days.
  • As an assembler, this was our first opportunity to participate in an auto show in Pakistan. Internationally, we do participate in auto shows being held in Europe and United States as automotive component suppliers for the global automotive industry.
  • There are various advantages:
  1. Exposure to the end consumer.
  2. Response to the existing and the upcoming models.
  3. Comparative analysis.
  4. Innovation in marketing strategies.
  5. Exposure to the industry
  6. Exposure to the retailers / dealers
  • None whatsoever, excellent effort on the behalf of the organizers.
  • Yes, I am satisfied with the results and outcome of the AUTMEX show. Our product is launched in Punjab only for now and this particular show gave us an opportunity to introduce our product to the end consumer and potential dealers / retailers before actually launching it in this particular region.
  • We definitely plan to participant with reasonable interval in such shows locally here in Pakistan. The reason why I mentioned Pakistan specifically because our product is new to this market and we plan to first expand, cater the demand locally and achieve the targeted market share before actually looking into opportunities to export this particular product.
  • Media is the strongest vehicle today to promote any type of product, idea, event or anything for that matter. May it be print, radio, electronic, outdoor advertising in various forms the presence and role is strongest than ever and we can see that around us on a daily basis. Not only options are increasing but the decision-markers are also being enlightened with the need to make use of the options available.
  • The only suggestion is to create awareness on the government level to provide Expo-centres in other cites as well on the lines of the one in Karachi so that this kind of effort is not limited to one particular region.

The Show was organized on a Professional way
Engr. IHT Farooqui, General Manager Projects, Raza Fecto Group of Industries, Karachi.

  • The general response was good. But since the Geo Motor show was held just one month before the Autmex, may be due to this the response was not so Excellent.
  • Yes, since I belong to Automobile Industry, I am used to attend these type of shows in Pakistan and abroad. In 2004 I attended Motor show in China, and before that in Korea too.
  • Automobile industry is actually Mother of all the industries, because many industries like, paper, sheet metal, rubber, plastics, electrical, forging, casting etc., etc, all are related with this industry. The growth of Automobile industry in a particular country reflects the industrial growth in that country. These type of events play an important role. On one hand it gives an opportunity to new comers to explore nitch market / new products in different segments and on the other important data base is obtained regarding the present players, products , prices and quality etc.
  • The show was organized on a professional way.
  • Yes, as explained above that although Geo Motor show was held just before the Autmex, but the results if rated was GOOD.
  • Yes, I belongs to this industry since last 25 years and had worked in the leading automobile industries of Pakistan at Middle and Senior Management positions and to update my knowledge being a Automobile Professional would like to remain in touch with all these types of Events in all corner of the world particularly and in Pakistan specially.
  • Media is the number one source of information no one can deny it.
  • I think there is a need of preparation / development of data base of Automobile Professionals in Pakistan. Just like Whose Who type, so the people can come to know about the professionals in this field too.

Media can play a vital role
A.B. Khatri, Director Project, Master Motor Corporation, Karachi.

  • That was just an start so I think it has given full impact to promote these type of exhibitions.
  • Yes, I have participated most of the exhibitions in our country as well as abroad. Recently I have visited many exhibitions in China on Automobiles.
  • The importance is there for domestic market as well as for export because the participants come from other countries come to know about our automobile products so it will result in future for export.
  • Honestly I could not attend the exhibition so I cannot tell anything I was in China those days.
  • Same answer that we have just started so we have to wait for results.
  • Yes sure, for many reasons I would like to attend.
  • Media can play vital role in this matter it is all to show the abilities of nation on national as well as international level so its all media who can play very important role.
  • This time as I have not attended the exhibition so I cannot suggest anything about it, I have given answers of your questions totally in brief.

It was fabulous
Zia Ullah Chaudhri, General Manager Sales & Marketing, United Sales, Lahore.

  • In our opinion, it was a fabulous and spectacular exhibition for local automobile industries. Autmex was a good event for achievement and relationship between the companies. It has responded a good impact in national & international market.
  • No.
  • It was a great event for new comers. Because they improved their strategies and relations. New participants will control their establishment and achievements from these type of events.
  • No problem, that was exclusive and glorious exhibition.
  • Yes, it had satisfactory out comes, because participants completely enjoyed this event.
  • Yes, we should participate in that type of shows, because it will be spectacular for promotional achievements.
  • Without media we would suffer in the market. There are different types of media like Newspapers, Magazine and Electric media which will be beneficial for brand promotion.
  • A. Complete hold on management.
  • B. If you want to arrange the Automobile events please just call the related industries or organization nothing else.
  • C. Provide a lot of attraction and facilities for exhibitors like gifts etc.
  • D. Arrange these type of exhibitions in every main city like Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Quetta, and Peshawar etc.

The Media role was tremendous
Syed Dilawar M. Shah, General Manager, Project Development, Habib Motor Co. (Pvt.) Ltd., Karachi

  • In my opinion the general response was very good .
  • Yes, in Karachi.
  • As you well know that a great percentage of our vendors are not so highly educated to understand the importance of such type of events , they flatly term it as useless and fruitless, but this time these vendors were encouraged to participate and myself forced many vendors to participate though they were very nervous, but after settling down and after only one day they came to know the importance of this exhibition, and now they are inquiring when the next event will take place , because they never expected the exposure they would get.
  • N0.
  • Yes, but I strongly feel that a bit of hard work would have more vendor participation and because of the exposure, many vendors are eagerly awaiting the next exhibition.
  • Yes, Of course the reason is simple, you get to know the in-depth of things you have been waiting for and that also with no overheads.
  • Tremendous, hadn’t it been for the media the success of such shows would have been only 20%.
  • I personally feel that many vendors have complained regarding their non participation, now as one event has already taken place the word is out as to how the show takes place, and how the vendor industry is represented. And lastly hats off to the person who suggested it and the team who implemented the plan.

The response was very good
Qazi Nasseruddin Ahmed, Divisional Manager Special Projects, General Tyre & Rubber Company of Pakistan Limited, Karachi

  • The general response was very good.
  • No.
  • Such events are very useful for the new comers as well as the established participants since the end users learn from talking directly to the assemblers and they get to know about all the participants in one visit which is not possible without visiting all of them in all the provinces.
  • No hurdles / problems were faced in the show as it was well managed.
  • Yes, I am satisfied as I got the chance of discussing the current and future motorcycle tyre requirements with all the participants.
  • Yes, I will love to participate in such shows in future as a visitor in Pakistan.
  • The organizers must give all the information to the media people much before the event so that they can write about the coming event and inform the public and the industry people well in time so that they study the articles and plan their schedule to visit the show when it is held. Automobile industry should also hold press briefings along with the organizers well before the time of the event.
  • I have already given my suggestions in the answer to question No.7.

It would be useful in the future
Saad O. Aziz, Product Manager, ICI Pakistan Limited, Lahore

  • The response was very good. Many companies had participated along with some new manufacturers also. Some companies were also launching their new product which was a great thing to see.
  • No, have not participated before this show.
  • The importance for newcomers is that they get to judge their existing competition and also meet companies that would be useful to them in the future. For the participants, it is a way to let the people know that the company is still there and remind them of what it is doing.
  • Getting the stall made was an issue as people were few and not that well organized. When something was asked for, it either took a long time to come or did not come at all.
  • The setting and organization could have been a bit better, but the end results were good and the attendance was really good also.
  • Yes, it is a good way to meet competitors and manufacturers and assess the market.
  • Media is supposed to promote the shows such that people know that something is happening. They should make sure that everyone in the country knows that a show is being held so as many people as possible can attend and   make the show a success.
  • The organization should be better such that people don’t get frustrated when things get delayed. There should be enough staff present to accommodate all of the participants at any given time.

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